Sunday, 31 October 2010

Run With The Pack

Not Bad Company's Album but it's Half Term, not that Twiz knows, luckily it seems as if the weather is going to be glorious. Lots of gorgeous sunny dry Autumnal days with only a few rainy interruptions. The sunlight at this time of year is absolutely stunning, creating such warmth & vibrancy. The trees are a backdrop of the most magnificent colours. Picture postcard perfection, Natures own masterpiece.
Wonderful time for woodland pack runs as us humans walk. I'm delighted to learn  anytime during the next  fortnight we can all walk with J's Mum & her dogs - she's dog sitting - so not only does she have her lovely hound but she has four lovely dogs to walk.  All which in their own way I'm hoping will bring much vital growth of confidence to our wee pup. Socialising skills can be experienced as she runs with the pack -experienced  in an all natural environment as opposed to a 'class' situation in the Puppy Training Class.
We're all very excited to accept such a lovely invitation :)
Walk no.1: Introductions. We arrived at the meadow, wondering how Twizel would be welcomed - if she'd be accepted to run with them. Knowing only Flossie it could be a little tricky as even with Flossie by her side, even with Flossie accepting her they're both still outnumbered!  Fortunately, Twizel was welcomed, after a few sniffs, there was much more important things to be done than check out the new little ginger thing!! So off they all ran, bounding & slinking. The lurchers have such an elegant gorgeous walk, the little Bedlingtons so rigid in comparison. All of them look so graceful together, so natural running through the woodland, bounding across the meadow chasing the hint of a scent .
Twizel joined in, at times eagerly wanting the biggest hound to acknowledge her, chase her & accept her - ha of course only until she did then Twizel yelped & fled in absolute terror!!  What joys & what fun. The lurchers must seem so very H U G E to Twizel, she certainly looks so small in comparison & could walk right under their tummies.
After our walk we all retreated back to the house to enjoy more socialising & coffee! They all settled down really well back home, finding respectively their little comfy places to rest, sprawl out, curl up to sleep.
Delighted all seems soo good soo far.
The Happy Hound Pack

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Life's Litigation

Some days do you ever just sit & wonder what Life's really all about? Curious about all the wondrous journeys which unveil themselves. Challenges, trials & tribulations to conquer, find the wisdom from & dump the woes.  So many provocations to which we either rise or sink to the challenge to maintain internal harmony.
Most morning in prayer, I pray for peace on earth between all communities. 
Peace, Love & Goodwill between neighbouring counties & countries let alone between neighbours, friends & families. Am I really so naive to wish a time of harmony, enlightened beings with honour & respect towards one another.
Do you ever sit & wonder why or how, when or what the details are behind so many trivial tiffs, terrible troubles, world wars & vicious violence.  What makes people want to hurt others .. physically or emotionally.
Or is it some vital part of the path towards enlightenment, the counterpart of love surely is forgiveness. Love unconditional is the ability to forgive, to allow others to be all they are & respond with integrity & dignity.
With Love we find the path of illumination as opposed to the darkness of jealousy, insecurity, hurt  & hate.
So many lessons we learn from each other, so many lives & experiences entwined within our own, reflecting our own growth & theirs.

Perhaps thats what its all about the management of such internal energy, our power to become all we can be in love, with love - as love. Its always been the solution to any challenge, always been my haven, my sacred clause - find the most loving way to respond.
Sometimes it takes moment, sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes a day or so but always I will retreat to the harbour of loving warmth, compassion & empathy as the alternative path doesn't work as if I try to find reason, or hold judgement or even consider expectations then I limit my whole perception & I become disabled to embrace the mystery & live with authenticity.
Each & every day we all experience highs & lows, celebrations & tribulations. 

Today, if I may,  I'd just like to say a silent prayer, for all of those who are suffering, hold them in the grace of eternal  warmth, kindness & love. Knowing 'this too will pass' and all will work out for the highest good.
To try so hard to trust in life's process, to hold firmly onto the delicate thread swinging faith precariously to & fro . . even when - especially when all feels as if its crumbling to pieces.  sometimes life has its own plan, its own ways & often ways we would never inflict upon others or ourselves - but sometimes life's ways turn out better then we could ever imagine or even dream about. Sometimes, life has an even greater plan then we mere mortals can ever even consider.  Every time I have one of those moments I think "this may be one of those times :)    & just get thru as best I can.

Some days I sit & wonder why . .. sometime I sit & wonder why I wonder why I wonder .. some days I just sit & smile - watching the world go by - in awe at Natures gifts & a glimpse into the gateways to elsewhere, port holes in the skies or trees shedding their coats of many Autumn colours. There are so many awesome things happening around us, the simplicity of life's celebrations & creativity.
Concluding: Be in the moment - always the moment is all you need & you have all the information needed.
Always something new just round the corner!
It is an illusion, except the very breath we take. In which case no point being deluded by the illusions.
Deep breath . . and breathe . . simple as that then make choices to suit instinct & intuition . xXx

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Autumnal Perspectives

Living life's lessons, maybe its about adaption & survival! Cycles & seasons - forever adapting to changing perspectives & landscapes, making the choices & observing the illusions without becoming them. Natures metaphors. Its amazing how transient & transformative every moment is. 
With all this in mind, remembering to take our little camera out for our walk, I was reminded constantly of such Seasons, such forever changing perspectives. Witness to Autumn's spectacular finale to its day, low sunshine - dramatic light - vibrant colours. Nature hosts so many ideals, all to be discovered & translated within our daily lives & attitudes :)

Hope you enjoy some visuals of the walk
horizon 45 miles away
Gateways to elsewhere

Heavenly canopies

Sunlit Trees

Then homeward bound with about 2lbs of Sloes in a carrier bag, last week Nature's superstore provides us with the most delicious Blackberries so we enjoyed many it apple & blackberry crumbles, also made some plum cake with the gorgeous plums & this week I'll be steeping, brewing Sloe Gin.  The low sunlight accentuated each vibrant gorgeous Autumnal delights. A mgnificent array of colours everywhere.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Waaa & Baa

 A whole 6 weeks has flown by since we first brought the little ladies home. How quickly flea & worming time comes around. Last time, we were meant to have all worming, weighing & micro chipping done together but we didn't manage to get them done - which actually has now turned out to be an amazingly fortunate bit of luck  - as the vet unbelievably could only find ONE micro chip & had no further bags in stock. Amazingly fortunate as its all computer ordered, so the staff were shocked at this bizarre occurrence as they've always got an extra bag of microchips in stock - anyway we refused saying we'd rebook to have them done together at the same time at they're next worming & weighing. 
Who would've ever believed we would now have only one pup to be wormed & weighed!  Wow - Sooo much has changed since then, in such a short time a huge difference remains. It was quiet strange to telephone the vets to  request an appointment for one pup - sad but amusingly as I had no fears of taking Twiz -  I laughed remembering after all she was the brave one, she was the little one who didn't flinch an inch when she had her vaccination whereas Kyloe was absolutely yelping as if being skinned alive!!  Least I wouldn't have to witness such drama's. Being a bit of a wimp myself! 
We arrived at the car park to the vets. Twiz walked really well on her lead to the door of the vets. Sadly we discovered our usual vet is on holiday, so Twiz didn't receive any of the usual loving affection, as our vet just absolutely goes dotty over them, wants to keep them & cuddles them every time we see her!!  So, after a few little cuddles & strokes with the receptionist we were called into a different treatment room, a very smelly room - phewwwieee - yuk - anyway Twiz was quite happy, probably as her last memory was of the lovely Lesley feeding her & Kyloe slices of sausages!
Twiz happily scrambled up onto the scales, although I have no idea how he - the dour male vet - managed to take her true weight as the measurements just fluctuated the whole time!! Then he filled in all of the forms & got out the huge H U G E microchip needle ready to use. Whoa it was thick, ooooh ouch - bless I imagined it would really hurt. It did!!!! I also imagined he would be quite a lot more gentle. I've never heard a dog yelp the way Twizel did, poor poooor little Soul - he was sooo rough & the HUGE needle has to go in quite far & then he has to inject the microchip - whoooa OUCH Twizel yelped as if she was being skinned alive then rolled in salt!! She then looked terrifed and cuddled into me - he then wanted to put her advocate treatment on, I asked if he could do it higher up so it didnt trickle into her open wound!! Poor little Soul she was bleeding too. I asked him to give her a treat as she'd been sooo good & well behaved - I wouldve bitten him if I'd been Twiz!! he gave her a treat but hardly any recognition or strokes - note to self " make sure we wont ever ever have him again " .. he's such a thug ha ha. I don't like his lack of bedside manners!
I returned straight home & poor Twizel slept for hours afterwards, looking very sore & sorry for herself.  Luckily, she's now really taken to her little Rammy - she sleeps with him on a night time in place of Kyloe but today little Rammy was a source of great comfort during Twizel's recovery from her painful visit to the vets. I peeked in every half hour os so to see how she was doing & couldn't resist taking a photie of the two of them curled up together recuperating!!

Twizel & Rammy recuperating 

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Limpet loveliness

After a fabulous night in Brighton witnessing the most amazing - awesome - never know how anyone can make a guitar sound like that - guitarist (Mr Jeff Beck) we returned quite late, arriving home to unexpected company so I didnt get to bed til this morning .. so little Twiz had a late one too which fortunately meant my unintended oblivion to the dawn wee walk was fine. As I awoke suddenly at 7.45am. Bless her dear little heart, she was obviously still curled up fast asleep as I trundled downstairs. Even though the utility room door is closed, I can hear if she's awake :) the whole house can hear if she's awake. This morning in absolute silence I quietly opened the door thinking I'd make it to the back door to open it before she can reach it. Her little excited wagging tail encouraging exciting morning first widdles prematurely!! I opened the back door & slowly Twiz rises from her bed, placing her paws down onto the utility room floor  she slips back down into a little heap.
OOoh yesterday that extra long walk in the woods & the extra lost in the woods walk  must've worn her little self out. Also those lovely teenagers who were pup sitting maybe played & played & played. . all exhausting her. I laugh, reassuring her it isn't that cold so c'mon outside wee'weee's !! Remembering she doesn't like the cold Northernly winds & wouldn't go outside yesterday to begun with as it was so cold!! The bum wags even while she's still lying down, although she's still soo subdued!! Okay theres only one way to make this happen! I walk outside and within seconds she's at my feet ..  yaaaay now lets walk!! I know the drill already, I move my feet & you twirl around them in your best efforts to bring me crashing down to your perspectives!!
Ah bless her Soul, as soon as I stop she sits down & looks up so adoringly - waiting  & anticipating the most affectionate  strokes to be bestowed upon her simultaneously knowing it wont happen until she's done her wee'wee's. I remind her why we're outside in the cold, why I'm standing only in a dressing gown & why the paws upon the very muddy garden means no jumping up on me :) 
Yaaaay bum down - deed done! I can retreat back to bed leaving Twiz enjoying her breakfast. . .although I use enjoying as if she will actually enjoy it!!!! Still she is soo fussy with her food. I'm quite sure within another day or so I will have tried her on every single dog food there is available on the market!!!
Yesterday she wouldn't eat any dried food whatsoever! Today she has minuscule scissor cut pieces of chicken skin & chicken ( the tiniest amount from the carcass) & I know she'll have managed to lick it out from that horrible dried stuff you mix with my food!!!
I will return to a full bowl of dog food minus the tiniest morsels of chicken! 
She's hanging on in there - she must know its Sunday!! Ah Roast day today - brill I'll just wait I loved those Yorkshire Puddings!!!!
Still her loveliness is a joy, even if it's momentarily in the funniest of ways .. limpet loveliness. Soon I'm sure her excitement & her joie de vivre will return.  Probably in about 2 hours when we all trundle downstair for breakfast :) Until then I can hear her playing beautifully with her little kong squeaker & kong empty treat cone. Bless she can have them all to herself too - its seems too quiet but I can relax knowing the silence means one little bout of happiness as opposed to two little pups getting into mischief!!  

Saturday, 16 October 2010

A whole hole

There is an enormous empty space by my side, this void that's usually filled with my most precious beloved Kyloe.  This small little pup, who doesn't take up much space, has left a void as huge as a black hole. An empty chasm which seems to completely fill the whole room I'm in - whichever room that may be.  This infinite emptiness continued in the whole of our garden. I'd never know before such wholeness of a hole.
Its dawn, its dark - the rising morning sun light slowly trying to penetrate the unilluminated sky. The morning breeze chills & blows, the leaves falling like confetti from the trees. The entwining spirits soar & I can feel the vibrant life force of my darling little Kyloe as she chases each & every single leaf. I can see in my minds eye Twizell & Kyloe in a unison of twisting, circling & rolling delights, joined at the hips their little bums, paws & tails in perfect rhythm as together they both try to hold onto the same leaf in their mouths. We've enjoyed many such awakening dawn's together. Yet this morning I have an empty, motionless garden, eerily everything looks the same but feels sooo different. Little Twizell is wrapped around my ankles, sitting on my feet. If I walk she walks, if I stand still she stands still then sits.
Maybe we're both noticing this huge emptiness in our hearts & play.
The morning rituals seem to take half the time, noticing immediately their cosy bed, once full of two little dark noses & tow little wagging tails looks half full.  As does the utility room - there is only one water bowl & one dinner dish.  My breath is taken, I gasp to release the pain excruciatingly filling my chest, tears stream as I walk around the garden taking Twizell for weee wee's. She runs to her little place, wee wee's then runs straight back.  Instinctively I pick up the jingling balls that I've just trodden on, two little balls with strong chewable ribbons projecting out of each ball, both bound together with a thick piece of elastic. I am just about to throw it when I realise it /life won't ever be the same again. I want to sob uncontrollably but I have Twizell still at my feel sitting rather subdued & looking very sorrowful. I wonder if she misses her sister or if its because her sister is always so playful & such a wonderful character that Twizell simply just follows or maybe its because perhaps I've always noticed Kyloe's play a little more. C'est la Vie
Routines are maintained, from a kindness aspect we thought its best to keep Twizell - one of the most good,  gorgeous,  such well adapting, behaved independent pups - in the already established routines as normality must continue.  Although, of course naturally I sooooo just want to pick her up, take her back to bed with us & spoil her rotten. Which undoubtedly would undo all of the hard work & lovely routines created.
Twizel & Kyloe had their own domain, their own bed, their own routines which worked perfectly with ours. But more than that it meant if we ever had to go out & leave them or anyone came to stay here with them - their routine wasn't changed. Their harmony & happiness could also be found rooted into their usual domain & bed. If I change all that she may feel unsettled.  At least as much as possible of her night & day are the same - hmmm same used loosely - except for this whole little being not being part of our daily life, that whole little being who created a feeling of wholeness. That darling little Soul has left such a huge huge wholeness of a hole!!!  Again I can't breathe, my heart & chest hurt so much rising & falling with every quiet deep sob. How can I miss a little pup sooo much, how is it possible she can still have the strings of my heart wrapped firmly around her paws - right there - miles away - in her new home.
I heard her little laughter & little bark thru the night, I've never heard her bark thru the night but here in the slumber & privacy of my dreams she came to play - crouching , running & barking , we were laughing & chasing, the thrill & joys overflowing. I awoke in floods of tears -  I cried & cried because I couldn't hold her- she wasn't here yet her presence is suffocatingly painful.
I'm astounded at my sadness spilling over, an unashamed outpouring of grief - a puppy - for goodness sake - a puppy!! Especially as I still have another little  puppy asleep right now in her bed!! .. but Kyloe ... Kyloe was my pup.  Twizel is Hubby's & Daughter's pup. Kyloe stared deep into my Soul & me into her's from the first moment we met.  We had this infinity thing going on. We walked into each others lives & changed our hearts & world forever.
Kyloe was the runt of the litter - everyone notices how pretty Twizell is, what lovely markings, what a lovely temperament. Kyloe is so full of energy, so excited to meet people she would erupt into a swirling leaping bundle of tongue & tummy tickles - often not knowing which to do first lie down or jump up. Unfortunatley this burst of excitement would cause peeps to pull back, stand up, or simply move her away & stroke the more apparently sane pup - who actually just figured it all out -  if she just sat still she'd be stroked first!! 
Think if many of our visitors weren't customers or client sit would be different but as most are dressed in their suits etc we just couldn't allow the pups to jump up, especially with the mud.  Kyloe never got this to begin with, sooo delighted to see you she would just burst with joy & exuberance. Jumping on her hind legs for all she was worth. yet, amongst the two -  she became so obedient, so loyal, so courageous, so funny & so wholly full of character. A little rare rough diamond!! I decided from day one I would nurture this little Soul & touch her world with kindness - reach her heart & intelligence with patience.
It seemed we had a lot in common, stick around long enough to see past & through the external, rough ragged appearance one can reach & have access to a heart full of endless love just waiting to be discovered.   Kyloe's heart was there for the loving, if only people would give her that chance. I took her on, I could understand the language she spoke from behind her eyes, her Soul shone, speaking with such clarity.
Yes, no doubts at all I absolutely love Kyloe - she is definitely the right pup (they're both are the right pups - just  very very sadly not together) We found our own rhythm , our unique beat, we united in laughter & all of the time I spent with her was such an investment, she became fully into herself.  An amazing pup yet one who hasnt even begun to fully become all the amazing qualities she has inside. She is soo soo very intelligent & soo agile.   Often I would whisper a command & she'd hear it & do it instantly.  When we would sit & play - testing how quietly I could whisper & how fast she would respond - she is so responsive.
Its inherent & a well known trait Border Terriers have the most sensitive hearing.  Twizell would sit watching, wondering what we were doing. However, Kyloe - it really was like a sacred love affair - she knew exactly what I was doing & when I was speaking to her.  If I walked into the room  she became mine & I became hers.  When we were all out on a walk, always she was the first to come haring round the corner to find me when we played hide & seek. always responsive to her name. (the fact that she runs the fastest has nothing to do with it :)
Oooh dear this hole which will unveil itself every day & every where, I will have to remember such emptiness can be filled, especially with Twizell and hopefully occasionally fleeting moments again with the little pup I've known as Kyloe.   As we hope we can still allow & continue with The Adventures of :) .. Kyloe & Twizel. Adventures in the local woods & meadows, that we're allowed to watch and admire the sisters playing & maturing together  still loving & respecting each other without ever having to fight for superiority!  If ever we can meet up with Kyloe's new family/pack. It will also be lovely to see the wholeness  within her new family - how much they love her & how happy she looks.  Yes I think a rendezvous would be quite perfect. Its lucky for us they,the family who came to pick her up & take her off to their home, for new beginnings & a whole new life, seem such a gorgeous lot, very caring & sensitive to our sadness too. Importantly, they do already seem to love her so much.  I am most confident Kyloe will completely fill their family with her love, of which she is an endless source & will bring them much joy.

Twizell, in time will become a whole little pup as opposed to half of Kyloe. Kyloe will have a family who adore her  - and as she just loves children  I envisage she will be by her new, 10 year old,  masters side forever ! Many journeys in woods, meadows with unlimited adventures.
I wish the whole family every joy & success with Kyloe, no matter what they rename her if they do, she will always be Kyloe to me in my heart. Kyloe is a name reflecting the full and evocative beauty, wildness & freedom of the Borders in Northumberland- a name captured within a  little wholeness of being who has left a huge huge hole in my heart - that at this very minute seems everlasting & impossible to fill.

Goodbye & Thankyou.
Soon, I'm sure - I hope - all will come to make sense & the loss will soon feel like a  gain of contentment knowing I've done the right thing - the thought of my darling pups fighting as they mature was just not an option I  was willing to take.  Funnily enough although my heart does break & tears flow - my Soul is at peace. For Kyloe & Twizel I have done the responsible thing based on information shared by professional breeders & dog trainers.

How I wish I'd logged & blogged more when we first had Kyloe, so many things captured in the font - although I will always remember - sometimes its lovely to be able to read back over the firsts, the frivolous fun, the friskiness & of course endless love.

Bless you little Kyloe - in the hearts of all you meet you will dwell!

Every night I will always continue to say, " God Bless your little Soul "  as I bless Twizell's, switch out Twizell's light to leave her to her dreams in the quiet Utility room as we all retire to beddy byes. Maybe the cats will move into the cosy bed with Twizell - there is plenty of room!!

Kyloe - I miss you, somehow I think I always will. xXx

K Y L O E   R O S E  
(after asking her if she'd eaten the chicken poop!)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Wading thru treacle!

One step at a time, its so tricky as the emotional facets of my mind, probably somewhere amongst the wondrous Limbic System, games commence - watch out Dehli you have competition!! My mind is racing, then submerged, the  very still & feelings of nausea travel down into the physical realms.
This is ludicrous, I never have any problems making a decision- yet now - having these two little gorgeous Souls' as my responsibility I am sooo indecisive. One minute fully persuaded One of the pups will be sold!!
Next hour - well maybe, just maybe there are wonderful stories that arent posted on the internet - happy successful siblings housed together. Then they play & of course I'm watching their every nip, tumble & yelp incase there's some insight, some indication of what is to come. Of course it feels like my mind & its thoughts of clarity are wading thru treacle, dark & sticky -  its remnants just won't rub off easily & disappear.

Oh thats the trouble with hesitation, wavering isn't any good for any of us. The sooner the better for the pup,  we thinks its going to be Kyloe, who will be rehoused more easily, as she's so obedient, intelligent, such fun & loves children - very playful & sooo soo loving. Whereas Twizel is more my Daughters & Hubby's shadow - she will be forever happy just following anywhere & everywhere, every single moment of every day. Kyloe on the other hand needs interaction, loves children & really seems to enjoy a loyal companion all to herself.  She follows me everywhere! She enjoys the agility course we've made for them whereas Twizel likes to watch & fall asleep!! I think maybe both of their personalities will develop more easily, we will see much more of their uniqueness when they're apart as at the moment its always the two pups are playing, two pups are walking etc so they very much keep each other busy & don't really bother with us unless they need a stroke or treat. Yet if one is asleep & the other' awake their so different on their own - so maybe that will be the only good thing!! I cling to any kind of hope.

Tonight Kyloe lay in front of the log fire, she was watching the flames with keen interest. Twizel was fascinated by the news, first time we've had the tv on when she's been in the room, were usually out walking but didnt walk today as they had a longish walk yesterday so best let them rest a little today. She was soo funny, everytime the news reader spoke she was tilting her head & wagging her tail. Kyloe kept falling asleep - hypnotised by the flickering flames. I thought she looked so sad, as if she knew,  hubby said well you havent exactly kept it quiet have you what youre planning to do, she's been listening! Ha ha I had to laugh but then still felt terribly sad & guilty.

Sleep on it is the advice given most by those who think we can manage & control their gut instinct & inherent reaction to hormonal supremacy. If I could sleep I would :)

Sweet dreams!!

We're sleeping fine, try sardines style its great!

Okay, well I've slept on it & the confusion grows as I allow thoughts & emotions to wade in. Probably because I'm tired
& being influenced by others interpretations & optimism as opposed to gut  instinctive values & reaction,  if there's a problem solve it the quickest & easiest route! (No attachment or preference - just sort it!!! :)
Hmmmm, so I guess for every avenue to be fully explored, I've emailed a Dog Trainer who works for Kent Police Dog Training, so he may be able to give some sound advice

Watch this space.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

"Hangdog Expression"

Not quite such a glorious day, although the weather is still stunning, in fact it feels positively grey - our little hearts ache. Due to travelling abroad for Christmas, we needed to arrange care for our pups, chooks & cats. We're fortunate to know some lovely kind folk who said it would be their pleasure! However, today we heard our dear house/pup sitter is now also, unexpectedly,  going to be away, so I telephoned a local, recommended, Boarding Kennel to discuss the possibility of having our pups to stay for the duration needed. Many many questions asked , all reassuringly answered with wonderful kindness & warmth.
Especially as we're all not keen at all putting our pups into Kennels - but sometimes when needs must - one needs to put trust in anothers kindness & capabilities.  The lady sounded perfect, she used to be a breeder & absolutely sounded as if she would love out pups as much as we all do. We were invited to go see their run, home, fields etc etc. All seemed a little more positive. Then she asked me if they were a little girl & boy, "No" I replied, "two little girls, two sisters" much to my astonishment I heard a gasp & she uttered words which brought my whole happy illusions which I know as my life come crashing down hard. "No no you should never NEVER have two bitches from the same litter, especially NOT Border Terriers - they will fight once they come into season & fight viciously " " Who was the breeder, she should never never have sold you two girls, she should have suggested a male & a female, never ever sell 2 bitches from same litter" I was absolutely speechless, these two gorgeous girlies who sleep together, play together, walk together, eat together, cuddle &  curl up together - no way she must have it wrong.  "But, but they're so happy, they love each other & are inseparable " I protested. She adamantly continued, "Yes but thats because theyre pups, as soon as they mature they will fight"  Our little pooches, who eat with the cats & chickens - gentle & loving - how could she be so certain. Maybe she was mistaken. Maybe we would be lucky. Maybe, just maybe we would be okay. Hmmmmm, after further research, forums & telephoning six other breeders. I was horrified to learn, read have reinforced yes in fact they're notoriously known for fighting. Its a Rule of Thumb - never two bitches, same litter sold to one household.
After reading tooo many horror stories  on the internet of distraught owners having to rehome one of their dogs & how severely injured the other dog was. Tis enough proof for me.

Mmmmm Lunch!
Soooo after an afternoon sobbing I've put the pups up for sale, I mean they've only been with us 5 weeks. It will be much easier for them to adapt to a new home the younger they are.  I can't even express just how much love these 2 little pups have bestowed upon them. We all really enjoy them in our family, we have the most gorgeous daily walks - we share & enjoy two continuously happy wagging tails, their excitement greets us at every turn or moment. I - we - are absolutely devastated.  The lady I spoke to said just sell one & keep one - huh - how can I choose - how could we ever choose to just keep one & let the other go. Impossible.

I am praying we have a response, that somewhere some loving lovely families are excitedly looking for a little Border Terrier pup - the responsibility finding a safe happy good home feels suffocating and heartache accompanying our loss yet the thought of our two gentle beautiful pups becoming vicious towards each other far outweighs any feelings of unease. Its not about us - its about their future happiness .

She also suggested, perhaps we could trial run, she how they fare & if they fight too much then sell - but I cant wait til then - I don't want to 'have' to sell them as that means one could be hurt or frightened & I cant have that on my conscience. I'd rather have a very sad heart but happy pups.

We're all a bit shell shocked & subdued.  Trusting in life's process, I will eventually find the value of all experiences.  All will turn out as its meant to be. Meanwhile I - we - will enjoy each & every single moment & pray we find some fabulous info & stories of sibling Borders who get along really well! :(

We've been waiting for ages, we ordered the steak!
Still in dialogue with other Border Terrier breeders & Vets just gathering opinions & suggestions before selling. Hoping we can be the Alpha Dog. ..  teach them not to fight each other. House them in different sleeping cages as opposed to their shared comfy sheepskin fleecy bed.

However, after all optimistic research the sensible solution hasn't changed, is exactly the same as first instinctively thought. Both or one of them has to be sold. Being a Mum, the choice has been made for me by my daughters love - she adopted Twiz as her's - how can I sell my daughters pup. Kyloe will be sold. I cant write any more.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Autumnal Sunshine

What an absolutely glorious day. It has been threatening to be gloriously warm - hot even - for the last few days, but being so high here upon the hill we've been smouldering in low misty cloud whilst the villages beneath us bask in beautiful clear blue skies & sunshine! All disappointment now only a distant memory as today - yaaaay - definitely worth the misty wait - from early this morning the heat could be felt upon my deliciously naked skin - no jumpers - cardigans - fleeces -  wearing only shoestring camisole top & pj's. Ooh how I love the sunshine smiling down on us.

 A late breakfast would suffice, as hubby & daughter had a lovely long 'sleep in' whilst me & the pups enjoyed the warmth .. wall to wall sunshine .. sitting in the garden, idyll bliss watching the Autumnal trees, admiring the clear & vibrant blue sky. The chickens happily foraging, aw talking of our chickens, poor Lola is moulting  her vibrant many shades of copper plumage is a balding smokey Winter shade of grey with clumps of gorgeous amber/orange feathers sparsely remaining in a few places. Poor little Soul she looks bedraggled & in a very sorry state. Cant believe her usual huge thick beauootiful feathers are reduced again so cyclically to the weirdest looking balding chicken - especially as its almost Winter.  She'll need plenty of protein to help with the moult. .. tuna or cat food I've heard!!!
Moulting Lola!
Hmm this moult also means no more eggs will be laid this Winter. No further dawn chorus to fill the air with a unison of clucking laying chooks. Bless all their  Souls, from having nine beautiful chooks in our little flock we now only have two. 
So whilst I sat gleefully appreciating everything & anything - as my    wee family slept,  experiencing only their dreams , missing out on a glorious Summers day - the pups were as funny as ever. Amusingly playful, one minute racing round the garden playing with the same toy, their little bums, tails & legs in perfect step, all swaying at the same time as both their little mouths hold on with all their might onto their part of the toy!! Tee hee the next moment dropping down to sleep on the spot, simply too hot to play, lying beneath the chair so they could be fully in the shade. I even had to bring them some water - which Kyloe simply played with & tipped over numerous times - as they were panting so much!

Woooooo Hoooooo!
I must remember this day, 10. 10. 10. What a glorious sequence of numbers. Accompanied by sunshine ..  hope our next Autumn will be exactly the same, in fact I'd like long L O N G Summers & short mild Winters.
Although,  it doesnt seem too moments ago since appreciating the magical Seasonal blessings & fruits, the wealth of offerings from Mother Nature - so all thigs considered Mother Nature knows best. I'll have whatever Autumn she provides as long as the Earth itself & the weathers low & high pressures are in perfect harmony & balance.
Harvest Festival time - a celebration of all things bright & beautiful... mmmm & tasty!
So, although we had a wonderful day of play & relaxation - there really isn't very much to log & blog as all walks were out of the question after yesterdays marathon!!!! All games & agility etc were suspended due to the heat. So the only remaining thing naturally to do was of course sunbathe .. for as long as possible, which was in fact all day. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!  Perhaps tomorrow I will recall the more funnier moments but as for now its sleep time, many Zzzzzzzzz's needed before the new dawn chorus of little excited pups -  when they wake up, awoken by me to go out for their Morning weeee weees - full of the joys of life!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Rivulets & Droplets

Simple things please simple minds - after work - although it shouldn't really be called work as its sooo enjoyable - watching the rivulets of raindrops meander down the window pane I became quite enthralled by the beautiful intricate patterns, the entwining & weaving of the winding flows.  Absolutely beautiful, so much so I wondered how the droplets of rain & the subsequent confluence could be captured - would appear in a photograph. Using our little digital camera, I held it against the window & took a few random photies. Trying to figure out & understand the different settings available on the camera too as all too often I just point & click!!
Sometimes long rainy days can appear so grey, bleak or miserable especially when longing for sunshine & warmth.  Sometimes though the rain can feel quite magical, exhilarating  & refreshing.  Today, the sky was beautiful, varying  shades of grey making the the trees & grass look so much more positively lush & vibrant green in comparison. 
The raindrops captured on the camera are absolutely stunning. How amazing the mirror image of our garden is captured perfectly within the droplets. Orbs of glistening magical wonderment. 

Take a peek at the photies . .  beauoooootiful Autumnal raindrops on our window pane!

Note the upside down reflection captured, the perfect mirror image of the whole of the garden visible within the droplet itself. Aren't they quite beautiful.

Not sure where or why the colour has disappeared in this shot, but the lack of colour adds so much shape 
& depth to the imagery, I think its an awesome image - reminds me of the human cell.

This is my favourite , look at the detail captured in the droplets - wow!!
(I've turned the picture upside down to enable the just how perfect the garden image is of the lawn & trees)

We're surrounded by the joyous celebrations of Nature, the fusion of creativity. When the spirit of all things unite we have a wonderful merging of energy. Passion, creativity, love & wonderment. Energy of all things present in all things at every given moment. Find the miracle in the moment, the divine in the detail.

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