Saturday, 15 January 2011


Timelines, time .. the indefinite continuity of existence, progress of past, present & future events, life with meaning & reason. Often time is so elusive, our emotions timeless, typically by the time we're ready for tomorrow its become today & we're chasing time with many hopes, expectations & deadlines. The all exclusive be fully conscious  in the moment prerequisite or miss the opportunities. Soon, our dear dear Daughter will be 18 years old.  Her time at the moment, filled with many treatise to study, endless questions filled with flavours of uncertainties, doubt & paradoxically necessities. So much to consider, so much to do, so many dreams to commence ..  yet all only if she gets the required grades. Then, when all done & exam success is hers she's off to the Uni of her choice.  If she doesn't get the grades she needs, well I guess it'll take her a while to accept destiny plays its hand when necessary.  Yet for all significance of such time, tis merely a prologue, a wee foreword, a little preface - a prelude to all yet to discover & become. It must feel as if her whole future lies in the next few months. Yes education is vital, rewarding & does open far easier many doors into the business world, a direct path into a commercial world of opportunities. Tis wonderful to have such grand, varied & vast academic qualifications but it is also equally as valuable to be qualified to serve your own Life's purpose well, to trust in all inherent knowledge & wisdom already present within. To have emotional intelligence & a great, profound comprehension of the Language of Life & its symbolic meanings. How we can interpret any experience as a beneficial gift to expand & raise our consciousness. If one can comprehend such vital knowledge then the journey of life is so much richer for the wealth of knowing good & bad happens, its what we do with such opportunities which bring great unwavering versatility & joy to our lives.  To trust wholly our gut instinct & to act upon its guidance, even against all logical reasoning & all others' opinions which may disagree. To know the power of kindness & unconditional Love.
 Just as when she was a tiny toddler, she took her first little steps into the wonderful world of walking & exploring, now as a teenager, in her urban trendy UGG's, she takes her first steps into the precarious world of adulthood. As she strides confidently  towards her purpose & destiny I wish her all the love, luck & stamina in the world. Each & every step of her way accompanied by courage, truth, grace, hope, happiness & optimism as her steadfast companions. As no doubt she will have many sunlit valleys to tread, many up hill treks to endure, sometimes may even feel as if she's walking through treacle or wading through deep waters. Her journey, the paths of her life will need such steadfast companions within.  Infact a wish for all Uni  undergraduates & graduates I wish they have an equal amount of Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence, Authenticity, Stamina & Resolve to balance their mental intelligence & intellect. That they can also trust profoundly their own inherent wisdom, the meaning & not just the reasons, the value & not just the cost.  That they find, together, as one, they have the future in the beat of their hearts, inadvertently creating a legacy to inherit  for all those yet to be born. May they all feel the significance of such Universal wisdom & the importance of Unconditional Love, Kindness & Peace. May the joys of family & friends, the wealth to be found in the many avenues of Love be a constant source of happiness & well being.  May there always be a steadfast balance between careers & home life, between ambition & humility, between wealth & kindness. An awareness of others, that all peeps in their life at every given moment play an integral part of their own consciousness. May they learn to give as much  as they take.  May their prologue  in Life's History be of great inheritance for the future generations.
UGG's  :)
Best foot forward!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Resolute Delicate Balance

'Good Luck in 2011 ' ..  may you always find the newness & the happiness in each & every moment of the year ahead :)  May you also be blessed with Good Health, Wealth, Great Love, Laughter & Prosperity.  So many hopes, so many yearnings & longings, such a traditional time for best wishes.  Often a time many resolutions are carved, intent etched into the hearts & minds of those who are resolute to never repeating the same old mistakes, determined 'this' year to solving any/all problems - probably with the same mindset they were initially created with!!   New Year's Resolutions, when private lists are penned or typed in diaries or iblogs. Many thoughts intended to become actions, plans are made to make big changes.  This Year  'this'  year will be different. I suppose those who make such bold statements, what they actually mean  is:  its not the year that will be different but the way in which they will be different, the way they will behave within the year.  With that observation in mind, thus the most significant thing about a New Year ahead is still the same within each person. We mature, we learn, we make choices accordingly . .  the days of the year could almost be seen like a scone cutter.. a shape to be filled with whatever ingredients we wish to use to fill the scone cutter with.  Regardless of what colour, size or shape the scone cutter is - we can still choose to fill it with savoury or sweet, thin or deep.  Our days, we can fill with wisdom or woe, love or ego. Remembering also its usually the 'little' things which make big differences.
So perhaps New Years resolutions shouldn't be resolutions at all but affirmations at best, to embrace each & every moment, to utilise its potential.  To find the highest possible outcome, to bring the gift of unconditional love to every moment. Maybe a firm decision to do or not to do something is far too limiting.  To be the very best you can be at every given moment, to be a conduit of grace, of unconditional love, of kindness - to bring such redeeming qualities - to give such inspiration & hope to every situation.  New Year's Rejuvenation - restore, rejoice, reclaim, rebirth, renew, relax, reach, recoup, regain, reform, refine . ..  tee hee you catch the drift  .. all qualities & choices we have within each & every new moment of every day in every month of every year. All qualities which expand & say yes ..  without any resolutions.  Wishing you all the very best of You, all You are & all yet to become. Wishing you all the very best journeys & travels, explorations & discoveries.  Just be & just flow  :)  Life's lessons teach us great knowledge, the family & friends in our life teach us great qualities. . . each lesson has a gift, every experience a present from which the path towards enlightenment proceeds. For me, my Soul's journey finds everything is in its opposite, from those who hurt us we learn compassion, from those who lie to us we learn forgiveness, from those who darkness brings shade to our  minds we find our inner light. If I 'think' about things I limit my field of perception, I restrict the unconditional love to flow freely, I resist bringing gifts of kindness which initiate change .. if I always thrive to find the lessons' counterpart, apply the treasure of conversion, the qualities shared benefit all.  Thus its what we bring, what we can give to life which is worthwhile - not what we 'think' we should take or be entitled to.  The most important aspect of all our lessons from the previous year - is bringing the 'value' of each & every experience forward to the present & using it. Sharing the most important legacy, even for those yet to be born. How many lives can unconditional Love & kindness touch? How many emotions can heal or be influenced by a gentle kind word or action. 
Here's to peace, to soaring high - to bigger picture perspectives,  needing to remain  'out of my mind'  - free from its corridors of limitation, expectation & conditioning - here's to being love, with endless grace, unlimited  kindness &  non judgemental warmth.  Its a new dawn, a new day & new way .... find the newness to feel great.  Be as one with Nature & all those around You.  Happy New Year. May I also just touch upon the quest & attainment of Cosmic Consciousness which is so apparent, the spiritual evolution, completion of creation. The energy changes which are so present, peeps talk about the Mayan calendar, about 2012. For me, I read everything from a symbolic realm so these significant energy changes are what I would consider  a reflection of a  'Spiritual' calendar, to serve humanity in its current phase of evolution. The higher vibration & frequencies is simply the path, humanity's route, towards enlightenment. The energy of Love, the energy of 'Creation'!

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