Sunday, 23 September 2012

Gig Feast

 We're always enjoying live music, as many gigs we can afford to experience we're there sharing the enthusiasm, appreciation & enjoying the awesome musicians who grace the many stages frequented.
This week was again absolutely a gig feast, 3 gigs attended in a matter of days. Over the many years we've been fortunate enough to enjoy live music events - gigs & festivals - we've seen a multitude of bands as well as our favourite bands which we will go and see again & again.  Predominately loving Rock music, Rock & Blues, Classic Rock etc. Bands & music from the likes of the phenomenal Deep Purple (obviously a favourite) Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore, Ian Gillan, Rory Gallager,  Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Luke Morley,  Joe Bonamassa,  Slash,  Brian May, Peter Frampton etc etc to the more dulcet tones like Mark Knopfler etc Photography a hobby of mine but capturing the glory of the many members of rock bands absolutely not as easy as capturing Nature in her full glory!
However, I will still add a few to capture some of the energy sensed. The post is mainly in appreciation, gratitude & respect to the many hours enjoyed listening to live music. Also as a tribute to the many maestros' who have now left the stage permanently. So with all objectives in mind, here's a celebration of some of the most awesome musicians we've had the pleasure of observing & experiencing this week.
The awesome SunFlower Jam at The Royal Albert Hall surpassed itself again, every year it just grows from strength to superb stamina delivering time after time the most prestigious jam.  Sadly this years great gathering also included a beautiful tribute to Jon Lord, evocatively emotional. Our hearts & prayers open & surrounding Jon's family & friends. Tears silently & constantly flowed throughout the whole gig. Then there was the fantastically fabulous Flying Colours at Shepherd Bush - never been so mesmerised with a drummer before -  awesome musicians all at the top of their respective fields. We're so lucky to be in an era where many musicians can easily & happily play in & out of - straddling-  all musical genres  'Super' groups formed, jams played & guest appearances all bring such excellence.
Then following night after Flying Colours (didnt take camera as the battery was on charge GROAN) there was the Jim Marshall 50 Years celebration. Interesting line up, many brilliant musicians. Amazing guest guitarists, bassist, singers & drummers ( yaaaaay mesmerised again buy the one & only Mike Portnoy) Interesting prelude between sets to the up & coming dvd release of the Marshall documentary too.  The stage was full, a gathering of older musicians & young un's jamming together. The finale was a lovely fitting tribute to Deep Purples amazing contribution to Rock, what a compliment for all of the musicians in attendance to finish with Deep Purple's legendary 'Smoke On The Water'.
Loving the live music, loving the fact we all have such amazing musicians in which we can indulge. Loving the world seeming so small musicians can flit from country to country bringing their talents for us all to enjoy on distant shores. 

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Watching, observing a beautiful Soul's broken heart trying to stay open, light & survive. Sensing the pain, the hurt, the fear - noticing the delicate balance of harmony swaying between happiness & devastation.
To be alone yet feel content & wholesome, to be lonely in a relationship where trust is a fleeting experience to be savoured less & less as time proceeds.
Holding onto a relationship which has served its best course. Negotiating time, happiness & status, with every negotiation self esteem & confidence weakening & respect declining.
Your heart must know to let go. Your heart must know its sense of belonging isn't with this beau. Your gut instinct must remind you of all your insecurities, remind you that you're not the best thing in his life. Your stomach must churn every time you think he fancies someone new. There is no forever love, there is no secure trust which wraps you in security & warmth. Trust is paramount to love's sacred journey.

Hold fast, stay true & to yourself be true.

Love is many things, exploring & discovering its many joys. The excitement & thrills, the always wanting to be together when you can. the butterflies in the tummy, the giggles & heart missing a beat.

Let the truth reveal its path, never fear change - fear only staying the same.
Trust life, trust life's process, know what value to take from each & every experience & when its best has been served - move on & let go. Never longingly looking back only gazing fearlessly forward.

Darling Soul, dearest beautiful heart - holding you close in love, in thoughts & prayers as you dance with love's temptation & turmoil.

Know thine self and to thine self always be true.
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