Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sincere Prayers

Many years ago I attended the premiere of 'What The Bleep' in London'. A wonderful platform for Dr Emoto's work. I still have the dvd & his book. Its wonderful & awe inspiring. Whether you're a believer or a sceptic there is no harm to your beliefs just by putting together your palms in prayer for the greater goodness for all.  Love , hope, faith & even a fragile  belief in unity can often sustain us through many troubles & trauma's in life

To All People Around the World

Please send your prayers of love and gratitude
 to water at the nuclear plants in Fukushima, Japan!

By the massive earthquakes of Magnitude 9 

and surreal massive tsunamis, more than 10,000 people 
are still missing…even now… It has been 18 days already 
since the disaster happened. 
What makes it worse is that water at the reactors 
of Fukushima Nuclear Plants started to leak, 
and it’s contaminating the ocean, air and water molecule 
of surrounding areas.

Human wisdom has not been able to do much to 

solve the problem, but we are only trying to cool 
down the anger of radioactive materials 
in the reactors by discharging water to them.

Is there really nothing else to do?

I think there is. During over twenty year research of 

hado measuring and water crystal photographic 
technology, I have been witnessing 
that water can turn positive when it receives pure vibration 
of human prayer no matter how far away it is.
Energy formula of Albert Einstein, E=MC2 really 

means that 
Energy = number of people and the square of
 people’s consciousness.

Now is the time to understand the true meaning. 

Let us all join the prayer ceremony as fellow 
citizens of the planet earth.   I would like to ask all 
people, not just in Japan, but all around 
the world to please help us to find a way out 
the crisis of this planet!!
The prayer procedure is as follows.

Name of ceremony:
Let’s send our thoughts of love 
and gratitude to all water in the nuclear 
plants in Fukushima

Day and Time:
March 31st, 2011 (Thursday)
12:00 noon in each time zone

Please say the following phrase:

“The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, 
we are sorry to make you suffer. 

Please forgive us.  
We thank you, and we love you.” 

Please say it aloud or in your mind. 
Repeat it three times as you put your hands 
together in a prayer position. 
Please offer your sincere prayer.

Thank you very much from my heart.

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
Messenger of Water

Sunday, 27 March 2011


We're enduring tough times, we're in the middle of a time in civilisation that has never been experienced before. We can cross continents to share land, homes, jobs & lives.  We can have communities  made up of many families from all over the world living as neighbours. We arrive in each others countries by land, sea, air & road. Aspirations of a better life, hopes & dreams of success & prosperity. Yet it seems the greatest distances still needing to be conquered is between human beings. Somewhere along the evolution process, we seem to have misplaced the 'values' of being a community, being part of a place - having pride & care for all those in surrounding neighbourhood. It seems a time of 'them & us' or maybe 'me & you' as opposed to 'all of us as one'. Not so much the 'have & have nots' but the "I'm entitled to & I'll work for it". It seems more &  more for some about what they want, as opposed to what they can give - what they're prepared to give. Perhaps its a society created through great intention, perhaps its a society born from dissolved values, morals, boundaries & respect. Knowing the difference between right & wrong, knowing what belongs to another doesn't belong to you is of paramount importance for a respectful honourable society. Maybe somewhere along such evolving growth & change honour towards our neighbours, respect towards each other & their belongings faded into insignificance as hunger, greed & ruthless ambition for material success took precedence.  
Observing the uprising that is taking place in many countries ruled by dictators , their fight for democracy, is a fight so worthy of taking.  Here we have violent protests, thuggery & destruction in some fight for  . . well I am actually unsure what they're fighting for.  We have naive graffiti sprayed over most beautiful buildings of such great heritage, ranting things like 'Tax the Rich'  'Smash down the Banks'. Banks, shops, statues, stores . .  anything that seems to be a symbol of wealth being targeted for destruction. What will such destruction achieve, what could it possibly do except cause more expense for tax payers, more segregation & more anxiety to all.  The clean up costs for instance!! The policing, the repairs. What will such disrespect & disregard for all those in & around such beautiful buildings prove? How many visitors & residents alike will be hurt in such mindless violence. How can destroying something belonging to another help us all through tough times?  Doesn't it say so much more about the emotional mentality of the protester than it does the changes which are in process.  A reflection of the consequential symptoms as opposed to the cause.  Groups of anarchists, can't really say protesters as to protest is to express something legally & non violently, non damaging  & non criminal. Yet splinter groups of anarchists with only their eyes visible, their faces hidden in scarves, balaclava's & hoods committing selfish mayhem causing widespread disruption  expense to all.  Huh remove the masks & let us all see who you are, show the courage of their convictions!! We, as a whole in this country,  regardless of our wealth, have such luxury & freedoms others in other countries could only dream of knowing. Freedom of choice, the joys, pleasure & luxury such choice can bring.  We have more than we need in so many respects. We welcome visitors from all over the world, a heritage to be proud of. We should be able to offer safety & security on our streets. Freedom to enjoy the sights or our beautiful country we have the freedom to enjoy & embrace. Yet for some it isn't - won't ever be - enough.  Their emotional comprehension of success in life, happiness & freedom are miles away from the reality as greed, entitlement, insecurity & selfishness tarnish all which was once great about the old English traditions, values, morales, common worth &  sense.  We're  all enduring tough times, we're in the middle of another crisis, we need all the love in the world to ease pain such transitional times cause.  We need great stamina, we need to help each other, we need to remember we're a great nation, with much to give to create a future for our children's children. A legacy worthy of inheriting. We've seen it all before, we've seen communities brought together through the blitz, the determination to maintain life & love as it was known. Together, united, a sense of belonging & honour. To find the potential, the opportunity in all difficult times. The greatest outcome for the greater good for all.    We need to share a vision for peace, for community, for families & friendship regardless of what material wealth we have. The true wealth for all lies within us, within our capacity to give, to share to bring hope & peace. A wealthy Soul. During such transformational transitional times, I pray for togetherness, may we remember we belong together. May we find the simple things bring great pleasure. May we know the simple things in life make all of the difference. May we teach the values which make great communities. May we share in kindness, live in love with hope & truth the vision for our future generations. For all they will inherit from our doings & beings. Perhaps its rather an old fashioned concept, but what happened to 'responsibility' to ourselves & to others?!. Think it was Churchill who said  "All great things are simple, many can be expressed in a single word; Freedom, Justice, Honour, Duty, Mercy & Hope "

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


We have friends from a few hundred miles away - they're from upd North  - staying here with us down South. Usually I'm the one who stays in their home, I'm the one visiting North to see the family, to catch up with friends when I'm there. During the many many moons which have passed since I moved away it isn't often peeps travel down South.  Not sure if its just my lot, or its the general case. You move away from your family home & its as if you've disappeared out of their lives for good. Of course theres always the intention, "Oooh we must come down to see you this year" .. of course it just never happens. Perhaps its because their lives are exactly the same, same home, same friends, same work, same rituals & routines .. . everything the same except one little person is no longer part of it.  Yet the person who moves away everything is very different - there are no friends, no family, no routines & rituals there is absolutely nothing familiar at all. Even the road signs are full of places never heard of before. Paradoxically its as emotionally difficult as it is awesome & inspirational.  I used to grieve for my life, my family & friends & all things familiar. Used to miss them dreadfully & never felt whole or part of the whole. At times I didnt know where I belonged, I'd feel like an alien here down South yet after months & months of wanting to return North, just to see everyone, I'd go back only to feel I don't belong there either. Such an abundance of emotions, such a challenge to break free from old restraints, full of expectations which could never be fulfilled. Up North, I was surrounded by family & friends, forever people entwined daily into each others lives. Always popping in, always doing things, always sharing & chatting about their lives. Support, always support & kindness. Not the kind of support people come & give when you're ill but the daily kind of invisible support system which is just present because you all live so close to each other & you're always there for each other without even thinking about it. The habits of being part of the whole family & all it entails is entrenched from the cradle to the grave. The family mindset, the unspoken tribes' rules, the way all seem to like each other because they're all one of the same.  Maybe its the tribal mind as opposed to an independent one? Regardless of who we are or what we do, how we behave or don't - its family & through thick or thin, always look after each other. The children have babysitters, the Mum's of all families share the load, support each other, bring the children together & will have coffee & cake together whilst putting the world to right. They all go swimming together, visit theme parks, day at the beach. . . just usual every day stuff . . picnics in the local park. Not a hint of hesitation present when asked or invited to go out anywhere, knowing full well there's a  dozen or so people who can take care of the children. The children consequently are used to lots of support, lots of fun with many different quirky people & personalities. Its all good & healthy.  Life continues just the same, generations after generation, all live in & around the same village, they all know each other & knew their Mothers before them etc. Always Birthdays are celebrated together, Christmases, easter . . any celebration is rejoiced  together!! The old saying it takes a village to raise a child rings true. As the input from all those surrounding such familiarity does have a stabling influence, does create a sense of belonging & security. Of course its very different for the one who got away . . very different for the one who raises the child alone. But, thats a very different story perhaps another day. Today, as I always do, have learnt its the only way, is in this moment - right here - right now I make the best of any situation. Yesterday, and now today I have an extra broad smile, a warmer glow within my heart, a extra sense of contentment simply because, for a few moments in time . . I can feel such pleasures, such security, such joy & feel the benefits of such simple pleasures in life so many take for granted. Waking up & seeing a friend in your home, sitting at the dinner table & having friends walk in & chat about their day & lives. Having friends say words rarely heard ever  "Oh, I'll just pop the kettle on, or that looks nice have you just made that cake today, or let me  help,  can I help you with that"  Always our familiar daily things are never seen by others. So much of our life not shared or seen by my family & Northern friends.
Yet for all those still in the bosom of family life the simplicity of togetherness is so natural & normal. So much so never noticing all the significant ways & things which mould a family together, a life full with networks of instant support systems, an invisible thread which bind them together without any effort whatsoever just because theyre together anyway. Hmmm, but for someone like me, who decides to move away from all of the family & life as we knew it, from all that was familiar normality was never the same again.  To someone who moves away, has no family there is no luxuries of such support systems.  Someone who has never had babysitters, never enjoyed or known  that instant network of family support systems to hand, the simplicity of sharing & caring are something of a rarity & like most things rare . . they are most precious & cherished.  Its such a simple normality to many, but to me to have friends staying with me, in our home, making cups of coffee & yakkering about their lives is simply wonderful & although I have a gorgeous family, wonderful friends its usually always me who travels North to see them.  For the next few days we're all indulging in such simple pleasures, such awesome simplicity of togetherness. Its human Nature to be subconsciously an integral part, to feel being part of the whole  as opposed to independent . .  just like the stunning Spring  blossom  .. unique & independently lovely singularly but when admired as part of the whole tree - awesome :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Human Nature

On March 19th, a rare & beautiful Moon will rise in the East at Sunset. Rare because of its size, its called a 'perigee moon' its a super doopha huge moon in other words. the biggest in 18 years. The last full moon which was as big & so close to the earth last occurred in march 1993.. which actually was the year our daughter was born. Full moons vary in size because of the oval shape of the moon's orbit. It is an ellipse, with one side - perigee - about 50,000km closer to the earth than the other side - apogee- thus the nearby perigee moons are about 14% bigger & a whopping 30% brighter (even last nights moon was amazingly bright, so much so I thought I'd left a downstairs light on as our lawn was sooo illuminated) than the lesser moons that occur on the apogee side of the moons orbit.
I noticed the moon late evening & tried to capture her beauty before her ascent in the night sky.

This full moon occurs less than one hour away from perigee/a near perfect coincidence. The lunar gravity bringing full extra high perigean tides. We also have the Spring Equinox, on March 20th, the face of Spring when again we celebrate our eternal bond with Nature, with all which links man with whatever else exists. The equal balance between dark & light, our sacred air, linking the world between Nature & man - our breath, our hearts - the breath of life within us all. Timeless & immaterial as we connect to the forces of Nature. Utilising energy to exceed ones own limits, as Nature knows immortality, the infinite, the achievement and eternal wisdom. Through Nature we can discover, or rediscover, our own interior  resources & cycles which best support our creative capacity. Spring Equinox a time of great celebrations when Nature again is a mirror, a reflection of all worlds together,  we have the potential to discover our deepest essence of being. Perhaps  as we grow & expand in consciousness,  time for transformation & change. a time when the world need love, healing, compassion & unity. Perhaps, considering the recent traumas. disasters,  forces of nature & the human forces of power. A time to reevaluate true power & its full potentials!! We have tsunami devastation triggered by an earth quake & oddly the nuclear disaster (man created) threatens to do more damage than both natural ones put together. What irony!! We have the destruction of human force & misguided power .  We must find compassion, compassionate in the face of such threats . . as countries search for democracy. Perhaps we should all reassess our understanding of 'power' & try arming ourselves with great hugs, unbridled kindness & love towards all.  Harmony as one. Just as nature intended. Think we should all make a wish  :) 

Unfortunately, due to being very tired, or perhaps lazy, I didnt go out to take photographs of the super moon where I know, because of the horizon, river, bridge positioning etc, it would've looked enormous.
Timing, is of paramount importance & I missed out on the slot. so the photographs are really showing the brilliance. Still awesome :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Miracle of Love

 3.57am, on the 17th March 1993 - with every breath, great enduring stamina, pain then stillness then pain & ultimately celebrations you entered our physical world. Still bathed in your womb waters you entered the birthing waters with much gusto & speed. A tornado of energy bursting to life from the deep , unknown to me, chambers within me. Your place of maturation, your sacred harbour, your place for evolving growth & safety, a bed of nourishment & protection for 9 months within me you did dwell. (Well it should've been 9 months but you decided to come 3 weeks early!!) At 3.57am your independent life commenced.  Miracle of Love. The most beautiful tiny little face, perfect as if painted by an artist . . not a crease, mark, bruise or wrinkled prune like complexion . .  your little face was as serene as an angel sleeping. Beautiful skin, button nose & cupid bow mouth. Looking as if you'd just been dropped into our life from the heavens above. No sign of the traumas of your birth. Swaddled in a little new borns tiny birthing blanket they handed you  to me.  Not a sound, nor cry or whimpering came out of your mouth. Just a tiny little breath of life - moving your chest as you gently peacefully inhaled & exhaled - was the only indication of life.  As I held you for the very first time, a tiny 6lb 10oz beautiful little sweet baby girl my heart, my Soul & my whole life as I knew it dissolved into infinite maternal love. As I held your tiny perfect long fingers I knew you would hold my heart forever as I would hold your hand forever, by your side with love I would always be. Your eyes opened when we were left alone to rest in the birthing lounge. Your eyes bright, curious & peaceful you looked straight into ours and when Daddy had to go home to go straight to work . You slept in a tiny fish tank like crib. I watched you all night long, all morning long til I could no longer keep my eyes open, You slept so peacefully, cradled & wrapped totally in a wee cream cotton  blanket. Awesome. Wrapped around like  you were nesting within your own little cocoon. Your little face never moving, your expression of peace made me smile. I couldn't take my eyes of you.. what wonderment, what miracles.  After just a few hours, just watching you, loving you, feeding you, holding you, bathing you & kissing you I telephoned my Mam from the hospital phone really worried as you still had not yet made a sound, not a cry I had not heard your little noises which would yet become your voice. My Mam, being 320 miles away, just laughed & said "she will cry, you'll hear her soon" Of course she was right, you did have a voice, you did cry occasionally but we were sooo lucky you were a very very content baby, no gripe, no colic  etc. You were always sooo easy to Love. The baby toddled, then ran everywhere, skipped & hopped ..  rode little tricycles & bicycles. Played with bees & ants thinking they were lovely.  Sang songs in the public conveniences when we both needed to use them, sang so I could hear you were safe, sang in the bath ..  sang in the car ..  sang just about everywhere. Think you should've been born with a book in your hand too.. we read & read, wrote many stories, drew a huge picture of Little Nutbrown Hare for your Nursery wall because you loved the story sooo much. "Guess How Much I Love You" your favourite book of all time & still today it sits on your bookshelf. Over many years, with metaphor & symbolism we've tried to guide you, teach you, support you will all things in all walks of life. Tried to allow you to develop all the tools & skills needed for navigating your way through life's chopping waters. I used to smile & say to you that you're gathering feathers,  with every experience you gain a feather or two, explaining soon you would have enough feathers, which would become your wings of life. For you to travel with ..  every feather full of experiences, wisdom & knowledge - that when learning to fly . . you'd also have some bumpy landings & all your feathers would fall out :) But, that you'd always have a toolbox too - which can put everything back together  .. feathers too ..  that with every experience, happy or sad,  you get a great lovely new tool to pop into your tool box - so when next needed you have all of life's tools & know which way best to use them :) We've tried to stand on the sidelines yet motivate you to be believe in yourself, your dreams & hold them always close to your heart. To listen to your internal guidance at all times. We've watched you blossom from toddler to a beautiful little girl, from girl to teen. Watched you learning, adapting & evolving from your little life's lessons, all so you know & feel responsibility & consequences. Thus knowing deep down inside you have all the answers you need,  you can rely upon your own judgement, know your own needs, feelings & dreams. We've watched you grow into the most beautiful young lady. Our daughter, my baby girl - on this day . . your 18th Birthday - may you forever be safe, forever be healthy & happy. Darling daughter keep shining your goodness, sharing your gorgeous giggles & laughter, your sense of justice, sense of fun, your love & light, your purity, integrity & truth - dearest Soul .. enjoy each & every moment of life & to thine self always be true.

Darling Beauoootiful Soul, Darling Daughter I Love You - We Love You.
Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter, thank you for gracing our lives.
 For being such a lovely dear kind & special Soul. We're so proud of You

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Soul Harmony

"The Lover knows much more about absolute truth, 
goodness and Universal beauty
than any theologian or logician ever can"
George Santayana
Sometimes its good to enquire  "What is the difference between consciousness & awareness" Sometimes its good to question "Is there a place in our education system for a Child's Inner Knowledge, using a language & practice of being which is about understanding the 'Soul' as an inherent guide.Seeker of Wisdom. Sometimes is it good to know the best teacher or better to understand the 'transformational experiences' from within. Maybe there are no greater teachers, no external workshops, techniques or therapists who can give you the answers as true as oneself. when searching for answers - the answer - to all profound questions we contemplate re  meaning & life . . especially when really we have all the answers... just maybe all we need is within, I mean how can we become .. what we already are!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Heavenly Storyteller

Living here upon the hill has so many mystical qualities, such grand perspectives & the best front row seat watching  - admiring - the skies & all  ethereal  activities. As an avid cloud watcher every day is an exquisite entwining with the divine. As soon as I open my eyes the first thing I see is the heavens, whether the winds are coming from the North East, South East, Westerly Winds etc The colours of the sky infiltrate our room. Each & every morning all of our rooms have this heavenly beautiful view. Since our daughter was a baby, we have lain on the beds in either rooms snuggled together watching the sky - cloud watching - and as the most stunning clouds would roll on by we would read the pictures.  I would create stories about the shapes, we would search for animals in each cloud formation, giggle with laughter if we both spot the same animal at the same time. We've spotted some amazing, funny & such accurate replica's :) although not on such a small scale.
It also seems at times you can read the cloud formations as much more than just the weather forecast, sometimes you can see a lifetime of cultures in clouds,  a generation of Soul' s transportation, its hypnotising to watch & eerily all unveiled once your eyes adapt is astounding, how clear faces are & shapes of bodies, animals etc all portraying - retelling or predicting - a story.
 Since our Earth has moved 25cms due to the recent Earth quake in Japan, it already feels & looks as if we're at a different angle. The clouds seems slightly more above & across - just as the mon appears different when abroad in Asia. Tis true although will sound insane, as apparently we wont even notice this 25cm affect for centuries yet . . here this morning it does feel & look different . . as does every day, month & Season . Naturally watching the sky daily you become accustomed to the way it should appear . . just like the trees . . you notice which way the winds blowing, when the branches have a polka dot veil, as they come into bud & ultimately blossom.  You would immediately notice if the buds emerged a different way . Well, the angle feels a different way but thats not my main focus . I am really just wanting to share the celebrations of the cloud formations. As to watch in awe to see if the skies reflect all of the stories of our world, the changing formations & pictures the heavenly storyteller sharing Universal news of what has been & all yet to come. I only wish I had our ancestors understanding of cloud formations to utilise as metaphor & knowledge.

Here's just a tiny portion of some of our amazing clouds, so many times I haven't had my camera to hand & within seconds the formations change ..  here are some I've been lucky enough to capture & keep. First is my God Man, he is absolutely gorgeous!! When I took this photo I was trying to capture the most vibrant illuminating sunset & stunning cloud formation. Only as I was transferring the photographs from the camera to the computer did I notice - meet - this absolutely beautiful masculine, God like face looking straight back at me. His presence & power somehow felt as if he filled me with such comfort & strength.

Another day, I was enjoying the glorious sunshine one Summer, reclined on our sunbeds I glanced up at the sky behind our house to see this stunning Dove of Peace just sitting there ... after a frantic dash into the house to retrieve our camera I captured the dove, although it wasn't as perfect as it had been a few seconds earlier  but still stunningly beautiful. The following are just every day skies, none the less awesome & inspiring.

The same day there were so many unusual formations, angles I've never seen before nor since. Infact never is a cloud formation exactly the same ever, maybe similar but never the same. Its so fascinating .. always always something to watch & read.

Unfortunately a lot of photies are spontaneously taken, from indoors, often through an unopened or opened window. Using a wee little digital camera, perhaps its time to venture into photography with more investment in my equipment ha ha. To become a lot more knowledgable with cameras & how to get the best from them as we enjoy, share & have such stunning skies yet I have not got the ability or know how to capture them at their greatest. Still, at least I can still absorb & energy the energy of the heavens even if I can't capture them fully with photographs :) Still I can read the stories & interpret the messages :).  Night sky, day sky -  absolutely awesome, forever changing canopy of natural beauty.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Sometimes words can never quite convey the true depth of feelings & meanings. Here, a few laced with much love, respect, empathy, compassion, faith & hope may just about share a minuscule flavour of all heartfelt contemplations, wishes & prayers. So much chaos in so many places, so much devastation, war, famine & destruction .

To all those suffering great loss & devastation, to all those grieving & traumatised, to all those fighting  for democracy, to all those facing terrifying uncertainty of the future .. we hold you in our thoughts & prayers. To pray for courage, peace & love to fill your hearts, families & homes.  During restoration, rejuvenation, renewal, rebuilding, regrowth & recovery may you always feel the support & love from many by your sides.
May we all have great vision, unwavering stamina, undoubtable faith & the heartfelt willingness to grow together, stronger as one Universal family, to unite in the face of such adversities regardless of creed, colour or place. One world, one consciousness, one breath, one heart, one Universal family to share Love, kindness & care throughout the world.

Abundant Blessings & Best Wishes to all our neighbouring countries . .  . we're all holding you so close in our thoughts & prayers.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Indulgent abstinence

Fast or feast, feed or forgo temptation - to indulge or not to indulge. Yesterday it was Shrove Tuesday, even though I was out for a meal with some lovely ladies, I still indulged in 2 pancakes before I went out! Which isn't that many considering hubby enjoyed at least 5.  Now I'm a traditionalist, loving lemon & sugar but dear heart hubs he enjoys Maple Syrup too.  What a treat & thoroughly enjoyed.  Today its Ash Wednesday, a time commencing Easter, the first day, the beginning of Lent. Usually known as 40 days,  (but thats not including the Sundays, so Lent technically is  46 days in total)  Concluding on 'Holy Saturday'.  Lent has always seemed religious, and as I'm not religious (which doesn't mean I haven't Christian values) it isn't something I've ever participated in. But from what I understand, Lent is a time of sacrifice, a time for Spiritual discipline, moderation, penance and repentance .. perhaps a time to consider the higher realms, to free our Souls' for prayer as opposed to being slaves to illusions, desire & emotions. For some I've read, its time for Almsgiving - a religious rite when alms are given as charity for the poor,  giving materially  to another as an act of religious virtue .. voluntary contributions.  Almsgiving can be found throughout many religions,  based upon a number of teachings but all basically instil the highest realms of kindness, virtue & supposedly a practice of the highest  form of giving 0 to help a person to help themselves & become self supporting. Wealth can be truly found in acts of kindness & conscious thinking. We have so much yet seem to share so little in the modern way our lives are lived. So, abstinence . .meat, dairy, eggs were once the products forbidden but nowadays it seems far more relaxed. I've never practised abstinence before, but for whatever reasons, this year, for the very first time, I feel the need to. The closest I've ever been to knowing anything about Lent was many years ago, when our daughter was in Primary School, her then best friend declared "I'm giving up Sweeties for Lent" . Wow, admirable, this wee girl could really demolish a huge bag of sweeties daily!!  Bless, our daughter then announced she too would give up sweeties. Hmmm, as she didn't eat them anyway, her feat was no mean feat at all & thus none of us endured the challenge. Last year a neighbour, a young guy in his early 20's said he was giving up Chocolate & Lager for Lent. This year, whether I'm religiously inclined or not I feel I should experience Lent, the sacrifice, the stamina, the determination - its just so indulgent & quite obscene to dislike having to give up our luxuries ..  I mean my day without my mocha coffee, my home-made cake or cookie, my seductive piece of chocolate . . our delicious Roasts. Hmmmmm to give it up for 40 days when there are starving people in the world, who have no such luxuries to give up. To endure their hardships on a daily basis. I am ashamed I have such little discipline & tolerance, my stamina weak in comparison to their survival skills & humble needs.  As I commence into the realms of Lent. I hereby, as the written font as my witness, address my instinctual needs and transform any issues into positive outcomes. My sacrifices will be on many level. The giving up of food products will be meat, coffee & chocolate!! As its my first time, maybe next year I shall add wheat! :)
The history of Lent, the suffering, the transformations, the endurance  - the struggle of Jesus in the wilderness . . all symbolically are such valuable lesson to learn from.  As we all face what ever controls our life, what ever is it which drives us just that little bit too much.   Basic human instinct, security & needs . . maybe Lent could be a time when our unconscious unresolved conflicts may surface. We are so used to being 'comfortably satisfied'   To rely upon the power within  . .  realisation of the Spirit, the Soul ..  the appreciation of the sacredness of life & all we share.

Sizzling pancake
Flipping pancake
Sugar & Lemon
from  indulgence.. 
moving into integrity, balance & 40 days  of Lent  .. hope you will join me for the 40 days of Lent.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sacred Gifts

Where thou art - that - is home" . . so said Emily Dickinson.  " Wherever I lay my hat, thats my home " sang Marvin Gaye.  "Home is where the heart is" - a well known idiom! There's probably a hundred or so examples of prose, poem or other with a reference to home.  Today, the sun warmed our walls for a minuscule while. Its still very very cold, still cloudy but today we had a blink of sunshine. As we did all things around me, in our home, seemed to come to life. Animated & alive, pulsing with vibrancy & contentment. It suddenly struck me, I've lived here for 21 years. Perhaps for the first time, very real first time, I acknowledged this place here upon the hill as MY Home!! For the last 21 years :) I've called my parents house - Home.  Soon I will have lived South longer than I lived uptd North. It was an interesting feeling . . . one of great satisfaction & paradoxically one of great bewilderment. Twenty one years seems such a long L O N G time yet now looking back it has flown by, so many months gone, so many days totally disappeared with only memories remaining. Life never seems to work out the way you plan it as a teen, life never works out as you plan it any age :) But, age & maturity have graced their presence within my thoughts today.  Sometimes, I can create an illusion, thinking I have done so much with my life, achieved so many things & am most happy with my lot (which I am but,, thats the thing there's a but :). Other times, when age & maturity knock at my senses I realise I have still so much yet to do, so much yet to become.  Simultaneously I'm sure I have nomadic blood flowing through my veins, a Soul of a gypsy, a wanderer's heart & explorers appetite for curiosity, a travellers thirst for knowledge. Yet today, in the sunny minuscule moment my family & home became a welcomed part of my travels . . my heart wandered around the nooks & cranny's, browsed the Spring awakening in the garden, watching in awe the chickens, cats & pup all enjoying the first rays of Spring. A travellers retreat, a haven of pleasures, comforts & peacefulness to aid relaxation & bliss. We had family round for a traditional Roast Dinner, whilst preparing the Roast I also baked a Victoria sandwich cake style gateaux for dessert. Without meaning to, I realised we usually miss this time of year & all its cyclic unfurling. Usually at this time of year we're in Bulgaria  ( skiing ).  witnessing their March Spring affair. Which then got me thinking, is it the 2nd or is it the 1st of March, well anyway its called Ladies Day, a day full of celebrations, true gratitude &  celebration of Women &  Mothers. The men give their women folk a snowdrop, I think traditionally its a snowdrop as I was given one last year from a female friend :) (they're much bigger than our indigenous ones) but can't be sure. They also have a bank holiday & celebrate all weekend.  Maybe my energy just recognises, regardless of where I am, that as Spring approaches, there's much to celebrate. Maybe there's something quite inherent which awakens such appreciation.
Looking out of the window I admired all buds, bloom & colours. I noticed all our neighbours snowdrops are in full bloom ..  he has loads.. many many more bunches then my sporadic wild ones. Seeing my 'Yellow Hedge' :) is starting to bud & blossom.  All looked so beautiful, I then made a wish, for all of the WOMEN IN THE WORLD  . . "A very happy Ladies, Mother, Woman's day" :)  "May they all feel love & be love." We Ladies have such great hearts, such wonderful compassion.  So much to complement society. We should celebrate our uniqueness & differences - together. We're very different to men & so we should be. We all have so much to bring to the world, so much to celebrate & so much to give. Women have so much to bring to society, villages, community & the home. Just as men do, but its different. Women are naturally designed to nurture & nourish, cherish & censure. Create loving homes, a vibrant heart amongst neighbours. The world needs nurturers, carers, lovers & the endless creativity & multi tasking, the ingenuity of intelligence, instinct & intuition of Women.   Sisterhood, at one time, girls looked out for girls, supported each other & shared the many roles, chores & duties. We had the Grandmother Elder, the Wise Woman, the Medicine Woman. .  all respected & cherished. Yet, today's ladies . . well it appears the importance of our femininity, our feminine qualities all seem to be a bit confusing for many at the moment. Roles of both sexes have changed so much.  There seems to be some  demand, or competition with the males for equality, or even for some women, competitiveness with other females!  I'm all for equality but not in things we're not naturally equal in .. like gender!  I'm not one clued up on the History of the female gender but at what point I wonder did we lose the respect for our Mothers, for our fellow Sisters, for each other . . perhaps thats a wee bit unfair but things do seem very different, lives & attitudes. Expectations of Women in our society have changed & not all perhaps for the better. Anyway . .
It was soo gorgeous I thought I'd go outside, enjoy the few rays of sunshine upon my skin.  As I sat in the garden, just contemplating all things, celebrating the essence of Women's day, rejoicing the Spring affair , fully initiated within me I smiled & took a deep breath. Realising, in that moment, the blessings of life. Becoming aware of all around me . . I was home, home in peace & loving my home, loving all who share my wee world at this moment in time.  It made me aware how important such feeling are. To share such love of life, home & family. We should all be overwhelmed by such quiet peaceful yet fulfilling loving moments :)   Soon, the moment will be different,  work will command my attention, family will have things they need doing, the house will need decorating, the cats will need cleaning, the chickens will need worming, the dog will need walking, the garden will need tending . . but for the moment captured in stillness, a lifetime of contentment is created. From feelings to creation, here is the moments of a moment in my life - to share within a moment of yours.
The Girlies
Little Cat . . LC . . sounds like Elsie ;)
Mother Cat . . MC . . 
Our Snowdrops
Puppy Dog .. 
Our Sunshine Yellow Hedge 
Always the first smile of Spring
along side the daffs
the girlies were interested in the buds too 
Puppy Dog relaxing
Hydrangea newness &  ooh must dead head the old ones!!!
Mmmmm Victoria Sponge Cake with 3 jams & fresh cream
Spring is almost here :)
As many moments fill an hour, a day, a month . . a year! During your lifetime .. May you celebrate your Love, being loved & being love. Celebrate the many gifts you are being a Woman, may you bring much love, kindness, compassion, caring, nurturing & teachings to all who share your wonderful qualities. Celebrate & belong, share all you are & make a difference in the lives of those who need such Maternal Love. Creating such peace & happiness. There is an old saying, it takes a village to raise a child!!  Love has the power to heal many a broken heart, soothe a worried mind, restore a weary body & an abandoned Soul. .  to believe & belong  . .   share the Love & kindness we were born to shower upon all. . :)   Happy Ladies Day.
There is no room within the beauty of humility for the wickedness of the ego, there is no place for the ego in a womans heart. Love all with all of your Love. :) May the Spring affair remind you of all the  great love in your world.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Tonight its the 'Dark of the Moon' a time when the ancient mystics believed there was but a fine veil between worlds of consciousness & subconscious , empathy & telepathy, a veil between worlds of magic, mystical revelations & visions. Which got me thinking,  soon, before too long we will be celebrating when the length of day & night are in equal balance, the magic of Springtime & the Spring  Equinox, the sowing of seeds in certain hope of many things yet to grow, bloom & blossom.  Natures consciousness seems to host splendid vision, relentless trust & unwavering certainty of continuity, of rebirth and change, transition & transformation .. all & more without the slightest hesitation. Energy - the management of power - I guess just like Nature we have unknown resources of power to hand, to utilise & nurture when required. Necessity providing what is often necessary. Yet unlike the consciousness of Nature, we fear our power, we even fear fear itself.  Tethered emotional resources chained to restraints, restrictions, reasons & consequences. Perhaps without hesitation we should unleash our power of creativity, to bloom & blossom as Natures intended, conquer the workings & mechanics of the mind, release the unlimited source of unconditional Love to fuel our every waking moment in the essence of creation. To belong as part of the Earth, an integral part of the Universe . . to manage our power . . to live creatively, authenticity being the trust guide, the inner voice which spoke long before our mouths spoke a single word. Knowledge & wisdom borne from natural adaption & survival, evolution & creation.  Ingenuity a rampant quality before the conditions of the family were engraved, etched within our minds. To believe yet never to belong.  Yet to belong, you have to believe ..  but not only in the 'family' but in thine self, know thy Soul, honour its guidance & serve our uniqueness & simultaneously our place, role & purpose as a member of a much bigger family. A valuable place within our communities - society as a whole. Each of us to bring the gifts of our uniqueness  for us all to share.  Yet how many of our own  hesitations are actually borne from another's conditionings & expectations, influenced by another's understanding.  When we deny our truth, the authenticity, we are denying the very trust in truth that we all need , truth only to be found in our specific differences.
March is a month of change, the winds & equinox, the seeds & sowing, the re birth & renewal, buds bursting from containment. Something tell me we're all going to have to be creative, all going to have to rely upon each other whilst honing our own skills . A time when we need to remember we are going through many transformations during transitional times, now more than ever before we have so much change, so many challenges to rise to on a worldly stage & scale. Now, more than ever before, we need Love, we need neighbours, family & friends . . villages & communities . . together as one to solve the humanitarian crises , the fluctuating instability & uncertainty.  Never before have we known such mass movement of lives, crossing continents & cultures. Never before have we needed to share such tolerance & respect towards our differences. Together we can bring optimism, give each other hope, share a Universal vision, to instil trust & a sense of belonging regardless of all changes, knowing Life is meant to be cyclic, meant to be a hotchpotch of all things  . . a mixture of lessons to learn from, a life when we understand the many essential experiences, A life when we have little or no fear of fear itself, or fear & confusion over sadness, or loss or change.
We need all sorts & all things to become whole,  without hesitation we need to thrive & adapt. Realising that emotional pain or physical suffering isn't something to be frowned upon, this blame another for our own accidents & mistakes or ill health, we seem to have given birth to a culture of 'suing' when things don't go the way we 'expect' them to, when things don't go our way.  Ultimately such deep changes of attitude & personality traits are having a profound effect on our ability to maintain & regulate homeostasis, harmony & happiness. If always we think being sad or losing out on something is wrong, never will we find the true value & essence of all we have within. The courage & trust it takes for a seed to grow into an Oak tree, for a caterpillar to believe in metamorphosis :)   Taking responsibility for our own feelings, owning them  & learning from them would be a wondrous gift of Spring... as opposed to the suing mentality, the blaming others for our own shortcomings. Heres to rebirth, here's to renewal, rejuvenation & repair however it may occur. To sunsets & sunrises .. after the longest, coldest darkest Winter .. Natures knows soon it will be Spring . . warmth & light, fruits & harvests. Guess its all about balance, to accept chaos creates  . . its about never fearing hardship & change .. my motto for Spring fear only staying the same as we could miss out on a whole explosion of life bursting from containment :) Roll on lighter, longer, brighter & much MUCH warmer days!!! :)