Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Year of the Dragon

Happy New Year!
Here's to new beginnings, to love, love & love!
Here's to success, happiness & honesty
Here's to innovation, projects, prosperity & creativity
Here's to authenticity, following our dreams, taking risks & being bold
Happy New Year!

Its been quite a while since my fingers have touched the keyboard. Many places visited between, many adventures  enjoyed, trials & tribulations endured & overcome. 
We spent a fabulous festive few weeks in Oman , Abu Dhabi & UAE again. There is something so unique, so sacred & powerful about Oman's geology. I have a true yearning to become & experience the place every time we venture any where near The Middle east I just want to taste Oman & all its many flavours. This year we decided to enjoy a Dhow cruise, to snorkel & watch for the dolphins. I've never seen a dolphin neither in captivity nor in the wild. So we were all delighted to see them in their natural habitat. The Dhow crewmen were wonderful, knowing the nature & ways of the dolphins so well - almost calling for them to come put on a show for us. Which they did. I had no idea I would feel quite so overwhelmed with love & happiness. Leaning over the Dhow, watching the happiness, the gorgeous bottle nose, its little face smile with delight & thrill as it was swimming alongside (& beneath) the Dhow. Its manner & disposition made my spirits soar, my  heart open & fill with  love. The little dolphin just looked so happy, dancing, swimming fast & playfully darting in the wake of the Dhow. I wanted to cry with joy it was sooo perfect. I can now understand how some people want to swim with them.
Our Dhow was almost empty, except for a Omani & a beautiful family from Sri Lanka. A family of 4, the children asked their Mum if they could have a photograph taken with me  - not sure why - but naturally I agreed & swept the smallest child upon my knee & wrapped the other daughter into my arms the 3 of us had the most gorgeous happy cuddle. What astoundingly beautiful children, Their heart's & Souls' full of love & happiness. Again my heart was just full of love at their spontaneity & truthfulness. Its rare these days for strangers to speak let alone ask for photographs.  We talked for a while, the children loved having cuddles & playing. The little one was getting a bit restless as it was a long cruise so to give the Mum a break I thought I'd keep them amused for a little while. Playing  'I draw a snake upon your back which finger prodded'  they squealed with delight.  What an honour to meet such a gorgeous family, so authentic & true. Just like the stunning geology, the natural wonders of Musandam, the Straits of Hormuz. 
We also met & talked with the Omani, who later in the evening  became a wonderful host & showed us the best Grill place locally to enjoy the freshly caught fish.  Absolutely delicious. Life is truly about embracing the moment. It seems crazy now that we'd never had a holiday for 15 years. We've had more holidays in the last couple of years than our lifetime together.  I'm already planning our next one for this year.
I love travelling. Love new adventures, new experiences. Great Journeys & wondrous travels . . its amazingly simple & most powerfully significant that no matter where you go in life, no matter what country you visit, no matter how different the culture, traditions & language - love transcends all. Love unites all beings as one. The most important necessity to have when travelling is Love unconditional love & kindness to share with all! 
Especially during  a few tricky heated moments at Border control, (not us but the fiery soldiers) so I just closed my eyes for a moment, drew breath & filled my self up with extra love. Whispered in my mind  a heartfelt silent prayer, for grace & warmth , calm & compassion to flood these guys who's lives can't be easy. Pray for all  & with a warm genuine smile  try t help the situation in any way we can,  always kindness & understanding eases any friction.  To look into the soldiers eyes & know I will never know of such pain, fear or troubles. Somehow I hoped the soft love known in my heart could be sensed in the soldiers heart through my eyes,  even though he may never know of such freedom or such  love.

May peace & Love fill the hearts of all , especially in those who need it most.
We all play an integral role in each of our ascension towards our highest potential, who's to say soldiers, warriors, troubles & strife aren't equal in their contribution for us all. Lessons to grow from, hearts to open & expand, forgiveness, tolerance - a greater understanding drawn. In 2012. may we all learn from tolerance, respect,  kindness & forgiveness. May we all & our hearts, at some point in time this year jump for joy!! :)
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