Dimensions & Descriptions

  Who,  What,  why  &  Whenever   
There have been many many times in my life when I wish I'd had a revered & recognisable education. Traipsing through creative obscurity is the route and passionate fascination.
Often,  I wish I'd logged or blogged some of the wild, wondrous & worthy character building subjects - so many lessons experienced. Although,  to write about somethings would deem quite impossible or perhaps  inappropriate due to their sensitivity. 'They' do say everyone has a book in them (maybe if I anonymise the culprits ;)

So, just to be indulgent as opposed to ridiculously ambitious.  Wanting to capture some fun, some little adventures I'm going to try writing - my style - to share our pleasures & trials, probably often with our new little pups as they are a whole new experience!
Its time to be more adventurous with my writing, time to learn & simultaneously fearlessly just give it a go. Time to optimistically create an authentic  legacy for anyone with the slightest bit of curiosity (& lots of patience) towards another's personal realms and multi faceted dimensions of life.  So - without further ado & with atrociously baaaad - maaaad grammar and all ...

Welcome to my musings, pensive ponderings, contemplations, observations, ramblings and frivolous flummoxed flows. Hope you enjoy them (if you understand them :)

" Wholly appreciating one can't access the Soul through the intellect alone!"