Sunday, 23 September 2012

Gig Feast

 We're always enjoying live music, as many gigs we can afford to experience we're there sharing the enthusiasm, appreciation & enjoying the awesome musicians who grace the many stages frequented.
This week was again absolutely a gig feast, 3 gigs attended in a matter of days. Over the many years we've been fortunate enough to enjoy live music events - gigs & festivals - we've seen a multitude of bands as well as our favourite bands which we will go and see again & again.  Predominately loving Rock music, Rock & Blues, Classic Rock etc. Bands & music from the likes of the phenomenal Deep Purple (obviously a favourite) Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore, Ian Gillan, Rory Gallager,  Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Luke Morley,  Joe Bonamassa,  Slash,  Brian May, Peter Frampton etc etc to the more dulcet tones like Mark Knopfler etc Photography a hobby of mine but capturing the glory of the many members of rock bands absolutely not as easy as capturing Nature in her full glory!
However, I will still add a few to capture some of the energy sensed. The post is mainly in appreciation, gratitude & respect to the many hours enjoyed listening to live music. Also as a tribute to the many maestros' who have now left the stage permanently. So with all objectives in mind, here's a celebration of some of the most awesome musicians we've had the pleasure of observing & experiencing this week.
The awesome SunFlower Jam at The Royal Albert Hall surpassed itself again, every year it just grows from strength to superb stamina delivering time after time the most prestigious jam.  Sadly this years great gathering also included a beautiful tribute to Jon Lord, evocatively emotional. Our hearts & prayers open & surrounding Jon's family & friends. Tears silently & constantly flowed throughout the whole gig. Then there was the fantastically fabulous Flying Colours at Shepherd Bush - never been so mesmerised with a drummer before -  awesome musicians all at the top of their respective fields. We're so lucky to be in an era where many musicians can easily & happily play in & out of - straddling-  all musical genres  'Super' groups formed, jams played & guest appearances all bring such excellence.
Then following night after Flying Colours (didnt take camera as the battery was on charge GROAN) there was the Jim Marshall 50 Years celebration. Interesting line up, many brilliant musicians. Amazing guest guitarists, bassist, singers & drummers ( yaaaaay mesmerised again buy the one & only Mike Portnoy) Interesting prelude between sets to the up & coming dvd release of the Marshall documentary too.  The stage was full, a gathering of older musicians & young un's jamming together. The finale was a lovely fitting tribute to Deep Purples amazing contribution to Rock, what a compliment for all of the musicians in attendance to finish with Deep Purple's legendary 'Smoke On The Water'.
Loving the live music, loving the fact we all have such amazing musicians in which we can indulge. Loving the world seeming so small musicians can flit from country to country bringing their talents for us all to enjoy on distant shores. 

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Watching, observing a beautiful Soul's broken heart trying to stay open, light & survive. Sensing the pain, the hurt, the fear - noticing the delicate balance of harmony swaying between happiness & devastation.
To be alone yet feel content & wholesome, to be lonely in a relationship where trust is a fleeting experience to be savoured less & less as time proceeds.
Holding onto a relationship which has served its best course. Negotiating time, happiness & status, with every negotiation self esteem & confidence weakening & respect declining.
Your heart must know to let go. Your heart must know its sense of belonging isn't with this beau. Your gut instinct must remind you of all your insecurities, remind you that you're not the best thing in his life. Your stomach must churn every time you think he fancies someone new. There is no forever love, there is no secure trust which wraps you in security & warmth. Trust is paramount to love's sacred journey.

Hold fast, stay true & to yourself be true.

Love is many things, exploring & discovering its many joys. The excitement & thrills, the always wanting to be together when you can. the butterflies in the tummy, the giggles & heart missing a beat.

Let the truth reveal its path, never fear change - fear only staying the same.
Trust life, trust life's process, know what value to take from each & every experience & when its best has been served - move on & let go. Never longingly looking back only gazing fearlessly forward.

Darling Soul, dearest beautiful heart - holding you close in love, in thoughts & prayers as you dance with love's temptation & turmoil.

Know thine self and to thine self always be true.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Observant Dog

Okay, not really a discussion more a lovely, amusing observation of our little four legged, wagging tailed  observer!! Our lovely little family dog earlier today watching the weather forecast!! Possibly checking out to see if she needs to get her wellies out for tomorrows hike!! :) How cute!
" might squeeze quick walk in before 10am"
" Great, another hike in the afternoon,
weathers heading North"

Friday, 29 June 2012

Broken rules

Observing your broken heart & all the ways its making you react. Hearing the torment in your mind hijacking many sentences you speak. Sensing that anger & the loss nourishes the fear & the bitterness. Seeing the veil of untruths pervade your every thought, all which only serve to confuse & fuel the fires of hell.  

If only for a moment, if you would stop to consider all possibilities & outcomes. If only you would stop to let the truth of love flood your every cell which feels betrayed & broken  - if only you would allow truths of love & its mysterious ways to flood your whole being with absolute acceptance,  faith, hope & love.

What if it isn't your heart which is broken, but the rules, regulations, the expectations & limitations you've created within your mind.  What if the heart, still full of loving & being love  is an organ of perception. What if the mind & all its rules is really what is at fault here. What if the mindset, an archive, library of conditioning & assumptions is all that dysfunctional.  What if you were to think a different way from the expected way. What if you're to harness all the changes, knowing only through his loss will you become whole. What if you relied upon each other to make yourselves feel so good it was to the detriment of your own internal resources. What if you open your heart & mind to utilise both, freeing yourself from the torment & limitations of expectations & judgment.

The loss of love from a loved one has been such a devastating shock to you. Obviously its so painful, too painful to bear. But the anger, festering hurt & betrayal is suffocating any life left within you.   Truth is so active & transformative right now,  in  the wake of devastation you will find the fertile land in which you will grow & flourish. What if only through such experiences do you both truly become whole. What if there is great values & qualities to be discovered in this process.

What are the alternatives. Does the loss of love from another destroy you? Absolutely not an option.
Does staying with someone just to please them sound feasible? Absolutely not. 

To pretend to be in love someone, that in truth now no longer serves the highest self is to betray many lives of their true sense, purpose & belonging.  
Instinct must always be listened to, even if that means changing your mind about people, places, plans & wishes. Even if it means upsetting those you love.  Truth must prevail.

You feel as if your heart is broken, your trust betrayed but maybe try to understand its life's way of providing what's necessary.  What if the easiest thing to do right now is simply  surrender to the bigger picture, let go & move on. Accept the way things have turned out & know all is as its meant to be.  Learn to still love another being & respect their life's choices even if it means you're no longer part of it.  Forgive, learn to let go knowing life has a different plan from the one you penned.  Between couples, there is never a nice way to admit things have changed & no longer is the future the way we thought it would be. There is no nice way to say I love you but am not in love with you.  Sometimes, people hurt those they one loved the most. Yet there is no greater loss of life & love than loving someone just because they haven't the guts to let them go, or for the foolish fear of hurting them. So much more hurt & damage would be done in the long term if such a truth is ignored.

Childhood sweethearts remain in each others hearts for life. Though their presence in each others lives may never remain nor be the same. One day you will both appreciate the time you shared together, one day you will both smile again when you hear each others name. One day you will both smile & hold each other in great reverence each deserve.

 Trust life's process little ones, know life supports you. Know only in such change & growth can true transformation of life, love, purpose & belonging be found. Know only through your loved one leaving you will you discover the many qualities within you, ones which otherwise  would never have been revealed.

Remember all that was good, the impact you made on each others lives at that moment in your lives.  The support & friendship, the love & growth you both shared.  Always it remains true. Let go of all expectations, let go of all the promises made & dreams shared. That was then .. in a small & restricted world. Now the world is opening, travel, journeys, new experiences all need you whole attention & being. Many new opportunities are reaching  you both.  We naturally evolve, instinctively we change & our appetite to discover all we are bears no reasonable logical format. Instinct & intuition are the forerunners.

Respect the changes, understand such change needed to take place, respect that a void needed to be created in both lives so much greater experiences can fill you both.

Let go of the hurt, forgive & be thankful for all you once shared. Know it would no longer sustain or satisfy either of your needs & lives right now.  Know you have outgrown each other for very good reasons . ..  the reasons being you have great meanings to discover with others in different places.. 

As another chapter commences, tie up all loose ends from the past ones. Move on,  embrace the blank pages, be creative, true & courageous. Discover the meaning of love, of joy, of life & in all opportunities. Write your own story, pen your dreams.

Bless your hearts, bless your Souls. Know life always sustains & supports. Trust life's process. Let go of the old & embrace the new. Life is always as its meant to be. Be the best you can be in the moment.
Be fully present in the now.

Know you heart isn't broken only the rules carved in stone of the limited mind.
Free your soul, get out of your mind & embrace the mysteries.

With unconditional love, love & allow others to fully live their purpose & life as you wish to live yours. 
After the longest, coldest &  darkest night always is the promise of dawn!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Its been an absolute honour to observe our beautiful, precious, cherished, consummate Monarch our Queen Elizabeth II celebrating her 60 years of reign. All outpouring of joyous love, gratitude & happiness greeted her every minute of the festivities. Many jamborees, shindigs, teas, parties & gatherings. Strangers, families, neighbours & friends filled the streets of London, the embankment, the parks & bridges to unite their appreciation & celebrations in thrilling harmony. To sense the collective sense of awe, the escalating wonderment, the warm & overwhelming gratitude & the love permeating - surrounding & enveloping each & every visitor was almost tangible. Such an awesome heart warming & inspirational occasion.
The sense of belonging, the sense of community, the feeling of pride, the bright cheery & colourful spectacle  all eased away the financial, turbulent challenging trials & tribulations so many people are enduring.
A wonderful reminder how love, kindness, togetherness & a sense of pride can ease isolating anxiety, a bringer of hope & an inadvertent prompting to remember together - as one supporting caring compassionate community -  we can overcome almost anything. So many old fashioned values, morals & community unity would be a most welcomed dawning & legacy for our younger generations. Embodies so many qualities within her Majesty so many of us could all  learn from ..  noble, honourable, gracious, elegant, truthful, hard working, discerning, loyal & giving.
I'm only small, too many of my photographs are amusingly of the hoards & crowds immediately in front of me :).  The following photos are from the local newspapers here in London.
CONGRATULATIONS to Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Family & all who enjoyed the wonderful festivities. Congratulations to all who made her Jubilee weekend a wondrous occasion for us all . Congratulations on an event which was a fantastic magnificent spectacle, a huge success & the occasion which will live in our hearts forever more. Unity with will hopefully bring hope, comfort & inspire our communities always.
Giving thanks & prayers for us all to become again  one wholesome, friendly, caring & compassionate community.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Spring Awakening

It seems an auspicious time for new beginning's.  Nature's awakening, unfurling & bursting from containment is awesome & inspiring. After a long duration of hibernation & slumber the seeds that were once held in darkness & isolation commence into their full vibrant glory. It isn't often I delve into narcissism & its all encompassing  depths. Usually choosing what one can discover to bring value to choices from adaption & conversion.  Yet, its been a tough old time in more ways than one. So even though I can keep my own counsel, kick ones own hauntingly daunting, wavering, somber thoughts  into motivational & inspirational challenges. There are the occasional spells when my Soul is forgotten, when the mind & all its archives & limitations feel the very same needs as the maturing seeds - to burst from containment - to blossom.  Part of life's experiences, part of our emotional journey is the management of our internal power during such challenging times. When the path we tread feels uphill, isolating & difficult I always utilise all of life surrounding me. Embracing & using the energy of the Sun, the Moon, the ebb & for of the tides, the flowers or the trees. Drawing upon anything Nature's energy provides.
Thus in times of need & doubt it seems perfectly sensible to now maximise the benefits of Spring. A wondrous well of motivational energy, to drink from its eternal flows of life, to dip into & bathe when necessary.  Through sharing the needs within this writing the union will bring forth the authenticity of such fusion, the marriage of needs in order to survive & create. The ether will hear the call, the healing will commence & the wisdom will bring its teaching to life, animation & synchronicity again will fill my days with wonderment & awe.
Recently, witnessing death, divorce, decay & dementia my usual positive demeanour started to slide down a slippery slope into disillusion, doubt, hopelessness, querying the transitional transformations occurring & my broad perspectives usually applied. Perhaps its natural to question faith, to challenge beliefs when there's an onslaught of overwhelming toil & troubles. To question the true depths of love from those around.  The dawning that maybe life isn't truly as it could be. The reality that many things are changing, many things need changing & much has changed beyond recognition.
The wondrous beauty about questioning such deep beliefs is the uprising & reminder of all one has to sustain & support. A blessing & reminder of the loyal & loving ally we all have within. Our authenticity, our uniqueness - our Souls' purpose & privilege.  The emergence of strength, the confirmation that 'all' is as its meant to be - a stark reminder that its too easy to drift through the corridors of the mind, to analyse the challenges, the changing face of society & communities, the uprising & fears we all face emotionally, financially & spiritually. Of course what happens to all happens to one, what happens to one happens to all in one way or another. No such thing as an observer. So my feelings aren't isolated, I am not alone in my fears & doubts.
With all benefits to hand, with all freedom we have to enjoy & share. With all the support I can muster from Nature's truths; April showers will become most cleansing & nutritious. The unfurling buds  rousing into blossom, their fragrance divine, the delicate & stunning structure enduring the cold easterly winds to survive will become a guiding light & beacon of hope.  The relentless labours of the long hard Winter & Spring soon to be delicious juicy fruits ready to ripen & pick.  All of these truths must be embraced close to my heart, its time after my long Winter of isolation & in darkness to feel the warmth & light of change. To unravel, unfurl & unwind to become free flowing once again. To feel inspired by life's great mysteries. To rise to all challenges, to explore the unexplored, the do all things which fill me with dread, to face new & daunting roads with excitement for all that is yet to become. To let go of all which no longer serves the Souls' quest, to follow new truths with fearlessness & hope. Never to look longingly back. To give life its opportunity to share its joys within the spontaneous mysteries of the unexpected as opposed to clinging hard to outdated expectations & conditionings.
Welcome Spring, welcome change, welcome growth, renewal & vitality. Welcome all within my heart, please stay awhile. Welcome within my life all newness which is needed, all renewal & growth.  Welcome love, bringer of laughter & of transformation. Welcome all growth & change within each & every cell within me.
Each & every day I must find the newness, the thrills, the sense of belonging. Welcome the thrill of doing unfamiliar tasks, welcome he challenges of being & becoming beyond the past & all limitations..
Welcome the synchronicity of Nature's gifts, welcome Spring & thank you for supporting this opportunity to discover life, love & all yet to become.
Gateways to elsewhere. Paths & processes commence yet no outcomes yet are known. Walkways lined with optimism, supported by trust, with vibrant creative energy for all to believe. Similar routes travelled by many of our ancestors, lessons learnt, wisdom shared - legacies yet to remain.  All things come to pass. The circle of life, of love & as one we journey together. Mind, Body & Soul - once consciousness - one whole. All things come to pass but whilst in the moment - its time to be productive, content, creative & true. To be love, bring love & share the joys of love & life.

Monday, 2 April 2012

With deep respect

Today we attended the funeral of a distant relative, a young gentleman who was killed - by a speeding boy racer - on a pedestrian crossing whilst he was out walking his 'rescued' dog.

Naturally the service was difficult yet no where near as unbearable & grim as it must've been for his Parents, Siblings, Grandparents & Friends. We have a daughter - only a little younger  - oddly enough the Eulogy could've equally been written for her. Such similar directions in life, University, chosen careers & studies. Such a kind, vibrant, happy & lovely Soul. There for the grace of God go I, least I think its a saying used in  a similar scenario.

As we stood listening to the outpouring of celebrations & grief the realisation of the significance of each moment in life is again remembered. To witness such a promising Life snatched away before it was truly fully lived is a reminder to us all of the gifts to be found in the present moment. To appreciate all the joys to be shared, to be thankful for those in our lives.

 The loss enormous to his family & friends was so very apparent, also obvious sadly, were the amount of regrets. "Wish I'd told him . .,  "I never got to thank him.. ,  "I never said . . etc etc all too many sentences spoken by many.  All in deep numbing remorse, so painful their plight so unexpected but so final the death.  Never could their regrets be eased, be shared, never the opportunity to make things right.  Forever they will carry those regretful thoughts, probably held close deep within until the day they die. . if only, how I wish I'd said.  Forever a hole in their hearts, forever there is a missing smile, an empty place at the table, an empty bedroom & full wardrobe.  Forever their memories will now have to serve them well. Never again can they have that stolen moment just to say I Love You, Thank You or I'm Sorry. Everything else fades into insignificance when such important statements remain unspoken. In numbing silence their regret became unbearable for them. In time I hope their pain & remorse will be eased.

I contemplated the difficulties remaining once the deceased family leave the church & cemetery. The funeral service is over.  Their lives will never be the same again. I can't even imagine how the ending of all expectations & his life will now become the beginning of their life from this day forward, their life without their son .. how ever will they find courage & strength for their life to commence or just be.

Mentioning funeral's, they are so different nowadays in comparison to the traditional way in which they used to be served.  So much more personal now, far less formal & still respectfully celebratory.  The tributes , the compliments, the appraisals & plaudits in recognition of the many qualities of the deceased. All so beautiful and shockingly sad. Yet when you hear such amazing qualities described with such an aptitude & enthusiasm for life .. one can be equally distraught & that dreadful sense of hopelessness to overwhelm or one can only try to respectfully find the value when observing such intimate grief, such a loss not only to his family but to humanity.
So much so the value to all in attendence must be to bring home within themselves a greater knowledge & appreciation of their own life & its fragility.  To have life yet not to truly live life can seem so complacent when considering another's whose life has been so tragically stolen - taken without any warning of illness, or without any opportunity to 'change'.  A harsh & cruel sacrifice acting as a reminder to all those who wish to see a life lost must never be in vain.

Today, with deep respect I just wanted to pay homage to this  young gentleman, wanted to chronicle this day & his family's loss & joys to have known such an amazing guy, I wanted to remember this day, to never forget, to always find the inspiration of each & every moment of my life. To never waste a moment which could be shared in kindness, in love, in discovery & in deep reverence.  To remember how significant each & ever moment of each & every day is. To remember the people sharing their celebrations & grief. To remember life is for the living & life is to be lived with the greatest perspectives & greatest Love always.

Long may those who are special, those who are precious, those who give, create & share so much of themselves with so many others. Long may their legacy remain. Equally for those who live yet feel their lives are desolate inside, long may the love shared - when considering 'All is One' - remind them of their own potentials & aspirations. That they are never truly alone. Love shared will always be only a thought away.  Long may the deceased's smile cheer them, long may their enthusiasm for life bring comfort, courage, endurance, stamina & hope.

To all loved ones, to all those who grieve . .  please know you're held close in our hearts, our thoughts & our daily prayers. With deep respect & with our deepest condolences.
I've chosen photographs I've taken of of our garden trees, as the deceased young man loved nature, loved animals & loved trees. So peaceful, so strong, so with deep respect, together all as one in love.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Together in Love

The Miracle of Love

 3.57am, on the 17th March 1993 - with every breath, great enduring stamina, pain then stillness then pain & ultimately celebrations you entered our physical world. Still bathed in your womb waters you entered the birthing waters with much gusto & speed. A tornado of loving energy bursting to life from the deep , unknown to me, chambers within me. Your place of maturation, your sacred harbour, your place for evolving growth & safety, a bed of nourishment, love & protection for 9 months within me you did dwell. (Well it should've been 9 months but you decided to come 3 weeks early!!) At 3.57am your independent life commenced.  Our Miracle of Love. 
We were graced with the most precious gift of life, our darling Daughter. The most beautiful tiny little face, perfect as if painted by an artist . . not a crease, mark, bruise or wrinkled prune like complexion . .  your little face was as serene as an angel sleeping. Beautiful smooth soft skin, cute delightful little button nose & divine angelic cupid bow mouth. Looking as if you'd just been dropped into our life from the heavens above. No sign of the traumas of your birth. Swaddled in a little new borns tiny birthing blanket they handed you  to me.  Not a sound, nor cry or whimpering came out of your mouth. Just a tiny little breath of life - moving your chest as you gently peacefully inhaled & exhaled - was the only indication of life.  As I held you for the very first time, a tiny 6lb 10oz beautiful little sweet baby girl my heart, my Soul & my whole life as I knew it dissolved into infinite maternal love. As I held your tiny perfect long fingers I knew you would hold my heart forever as I would hold your hand forever, by your side with love I would always be. Your eyes opened when we were left alone to rest in the birthing lounge. Your eyes bright, curious & peaceful you looked straight into ours and when Daddy had to go home to go straight to work . You slept in a tiny fish tank like crib. I watched you all night long, all morning long til I could no longer keep my eyes open, You slept so peacefully, cradled & wrapped totally in a wee cream cotton  blanket. Awesome. Wrapped around like  you were nesting within your own little cocoon. Your little face never moving, your expression of peace made me smile. I couldn't take my eyes of you.. what wonderment, what miracles.  After just a few hours, just watching you, loving you, feeding you, holding you, bathing you & kissing you I telephoned my Mam from the hospital phone really worried as you still had not yet made a sound, not a cry I had not heard your little noises which would yet become your voice. My Mam, being 320 miles away, just laughed & said "she will cry, you'll hear her soon" Of course she was right, you did have a voice, you did cry occasionally but we were sooo lucky you were a very very content baby, no gripe, no colic  etc. You were always sooo easy to Love. The baby toddled, then ran everywhere, skipped & hopped ..  rode little tricycles & bicycles. Played with bees & ants thinking they were lovely.  Sang songs in the public conveniences when we both needed to use them, sang so I could hear you were safe, sang in the bath ..  sang in the car ..  sang just about everywhere. Think you should've been born with a book in your hand too.. we read & read, wrote many stories, drew a huge picture of Little Nutbrown Hare for your Nursery wall because you loved the story sooo much. "Guess How Much I Love You" your favourite book of all time & still today it sits on your bookshelf. Over many years, with metaphor & symbolism we've tried to guide you, teach you, support you will all things in all walks of life. Tried to allow you to develop all the tools & skills needed for navigating your way through life's chopping waters. I used to smile & say to you that you're gathering feathers,  with every experience you gain a feather or two, explaining soon you would have enough feathers, which would become your wings of life. For you to travel with ..  every feather full of experiences, wisdom & knowledge - that when learning to fly . . you'd also have some bumpy landings & all your feathers would fall out :) But, that you'd always have a toolbox too - which can put everything back together  .. feathers too ..  that with every experience, happy or sad,  you get a great lovely new tool to pop into your tool box - so when next needed you have all of life's tools & know which way best to use them :) We've tried to stand on the sidelines yet motivate you to be believe in yourself, your dreams & hold them always close to your heart. To listen to your internal guidance at all times. We've watched you blossom from toddler to a beautiful little girl, from girl to teen. Watched you learning, adapting & evolving from your little life's lessons, all so you know & feel responsibility & consequences. Thus knowing deep down inside you have all the answers you need,  you can rely upon your own judgement, know your own needs, feelings & dreams. We've watched you grow into the most beautiful young lady. Our daughter, my baby girl - on this day . . your 18th Birthday - may you forever be safe, forever be healthy & happy. Darling daughter keep shining your goodness, sharing your gorgeous giggles & laughter, your sense of justice, sense of fun, your love & light, your purity, integrity & truth - dearest Soul .. enjoy each & every moment of life & to thine self always be true.

Darling Beauoootiful Soul, Darling Daughter I Love You - We Love You.
Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter, thank you for gracing our lives.
 For being such a lovely dear kind & special Soul. We're so proud of You

This year is the first Birthday we've been apart. You're off all adult like & mature studying at Uni. Living beside the seaside, the shore of your dreams. There we hope many dreams materialise. Hoping that your 19th year is most magical, absolutely full of adventures, love, laughter, success & happiness. Darling Birthday Girl although we're many miles apart - we're always together in love, close your eyes & take a deep breath ..  fill yourself up with love. Always entwined in spirit & always as one in Soul & breath. Love you sooo much. 
Happy 19th Birthday Angel.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mite Plight

Often I stand alone, perspectives eagle eyed & broad never seeming the same as the majority. Often pondering the vast & forever changing morals, values & boundaries from generation to generation - the effects & consequence of such changes. Nature, natural & sacredness are words to describe life, in all forms - the intricate & exquisite beauty. The miracles & wondrous phenomena of our very existence & our surroundings to be enjoyed in each & every moment if we choose to see all glory. For example, yesterday the stunning array of flowers unfurling from bud of our Hyacinth. Its simplicity is awesome :) The vibrancy of colour, its divine scent. simple pleasures from the most intricate awesome gifts from Nature. Then we sit down for breakfast, scour through the Morning papers. Many things make me feel sad, many things remind me how much faith, peace, love, hope & positivity is needed to overcome such tragedies we as Humans inflict upon one another. So many countries controlled by regimes, the savage violation of so many.  We are fortunate to have & enjoy 'Freedom' & I hope we always will. Sometimes though when I read about things which truly would be controlled in other countries, barred in another & in some the simple moral values & beliefs would be prohibiting enough I question the freedom of certain people to use their own insecurities or desires to exploit others. My observational rant is specifically targeted. Never ever did I want to read such a sentence as this " Dance Teacher Abbey Lee Miller, dressing the children in blah blah blah before asking them to act as if a man can't afford them" I have no idea what Dance Moms is but it doesn't look like the 'Moms' are dancing to me!! Neither does it look like the teacher is a dancer.  Digression, back to the observation: it appears these poor little Mites are at the disposal of too many competitive ego's, too much business orientated superficial garbage, tut tu's & frills.  I will never ever understand why a innocent child would be told to think "I'm hot, I'm mean blah blah blah. Burlesque routines for 8 year olds!!! Many little girls enjoy dressing up - many don't. Each usually I'd say 'each to their own' . . . but this  . . . Moms allowing the dressing up of their little girls to look like naked Burlesque dancers with pink feathers , being told by their supposed Dance Teacher "its crotch & boobs" is just wholly inappropriate. Why . . is it for the fun, the innocent private pleasure playing with friends in the garden, the bedroom, the privacy & safety of the Home ..  No .. all played out in the so called name of reality marketing, media network & entertainment.

Its not the dancing, it isn't the playing, its not even the dressing up - its the vile controlling misguided adults perception of what is valuable & sadly what isn't!!!

Back to the Hyacinths, back to contemplation, back to discovering bigger picture lessons, necessity providing whats necessary, back to sending much love, care & kindness with best wishes to all, especially to those who seem to need it the most.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Arabian Delights

This little montage, a fleeting glimpse trying to capture the essence of  some of the wondrous journeys enjoyed  in Abu Dhabi,  Khasab, Oman &   U.A.E . First photographic collaboration is from the car on route to Abu Dhabi. Then some of far too many photographs of the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.  The amazing chandeliers  which we thought - in structure - looked like a human cell! Amazing engineering & master craft. The marble, mosaic, crystal & gold. Wow .. or I should mean WOW.
doesn't it look cellular :)
SO many wondrous journeys. However just want to make a tiny contribution for a dear lady who won't be travelling to this particular corner of the world. So here is a small helpings worth to lose oneself within, bathe within the indulgent taste of many exotic fragrant flavours. Come visit The Middle East even if only for a moment.  From Abu Dhabi we headed North to Mussandam Peninsula on the edge of The sultanate of Oman. Intentions to snorkel, cruise the Fjords on a Dhow, see the Dolphins in their natural habitat. Sense & see the amazing geology of Oman. The journey was wonderful, the border crossing experience worthy of a whole blog on its own ha ha  :)
Not necessarily in order as I only had a wee mobile camera which wouldn't upload to my laptop easily. But you can see the roads are magnificent. The rock formation fascinating & the whole feel of the place just so powerful yet peaceful.  Eventually we arrived in Khasab.

Once we dropped all our belongings off at our Hotel, it was time for the wonderful cruise we'd all been zoo looking forward to. We were chauffered from the Hotel to the Dhow . What an incredible design, such a beautiful boat. Off with our shoes & off into the Musandam Fjords - Straits of Hormuz - to snorkel & watch for the dolphins. An absolute must experience.
So many fish, such clear waters - amazing.
the crew on the dhow were wonderful, they wanted to show us these wonderful underwater species. Naturally they were returned into the ocean within minutes!
Amazing sunset & I just loved the wonderful sense of opportunity to take a photograph of  the Omani gentleman standing on the bowed front of the Dhow happily watching the world go by bathed in the last rays of sunshine. So many dreams he was thinking about, hopefully none lost at sea :)
Back at our hotel we made friends with the locals :)

After a wonderful time in Oman it was time to head back to the UAE. City lights &  skyscrapers. Amazing feat of engineering but give me Nature anytime.
We whizzed up the Burj Khalifa, the views quite impressive. So here's a few of Dubai from - at the moment - app the tallest building in the world!! 

this is the shadow of the Burj Khalifa
this is the Burj Khalifa 
this is the bottom of the Burj amongst the usual skyscrapers
& this -may as well pop this in -  is the Burj Al Arab
Hope this brings a taste of the United Arab Emirates, Oman & Abu Dhabi into your kitchen :)
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