Friday, 29 June 2012

Broken rules

Observing your broken heart & all the ways its making you react. Hearing the torment in your mind hijacking many sentences you speak. Sensing that anger & the loss nourishes the fear & the bitterness. Seeing the veil of untruths pervade your every thought, all which only serve to confuse & fuel the fires of hell.  

If only for a moment, if you would stop to consider all possibilities & outcomes. If only you would stop to let the truth of love flood your every cell which feels betrayed & broken  - if only you would allow truths of love & its mysterious ways to flood your whole being with absolute acceptance,  faith, hope & love.

What if it isn't your heart which is broken, but the rules, regulations, the expectations & limitations you've created within your mind.  What if the heart, still full of loving & being love  is an organ of perception. What if the mind & all its rules is really what is at fault here. What if the mindset, an archive, library of conditioning & assumptions is all that dysfunctional.  What if you were to think a different way from the expected way. What if you're to harness all the changes, knowing only through his loss will you become whole. What if you relied upon each other to make yourselves feel so good it was to the detriment of your own internal resources. What if you open your heart & mind to utilise both, freeing yourself from the torment & limitations of expectations & judgment.

The loss of love from a loved one has been such a devastating shock to you. Obviously its so painful, too painful to bear. But the anger, festering hurt & betrayal is suffocating any life left within you.   Truth is so active & transformative right now,  in  the wake of devastation you will find the fertile land in which you will grow & flourish. What if only through such experiences do you both truly become whole. What if there is great values & qualities to be discovered in this process.

What are the alternatives. Does the loss of love from another destroy you? Absolutely not an option.
Does staying with someone just to please them sound feasible? Absolutely not. 

To pretend to be in love someone, that in truth now no longer serves the highest self is to betray many lives of their true sense, purpose & belonging.  
Instinct must always be listened to, even if that means changing your mind about people, places, plans & wishes. Even if it means upsetting those you love.  Truth must prevail.

You feel as if your heart is broken, your trust betrayed but maybe try to understand its life's way of providing what's necessary.  What if the easiest thing to do right now is simply  surrender to the bigger picture, let go & move on. Accept the way things have turned out & know all is as its meant to be.  Learn to still love another being & respect their life's choices even if it means you're no longer part of it.  Forgive, learn to let go knowing life has a different plan from the one you penned.  Between couples, there is never a nice way to admit things have changed & no longer is the future the way we thought it would be. There is no nice way to say I love you but am not in love with you.  Sometimes, people hurt those they one loved the most. Yet there is no greater loss of life & love than loving someone just because they haven't the guts to let them go, or for the foolish fear of hurting them. So much more hurt & damage would be done in the long term if such a truth is ignored.

Childhood sweethearts remain in each others hearts for life. Though their presence in each others lives may never remain nor be the same. One day you will both appreciate the time you shared together, one day you will both smile again when you hear each others name. One day you will both smile & hold each other in great reverence each deserve.

 Trust life's process little ones, know life supports you. Know only in such change & growth can true transformation of life, love, purpose & belonging be found. Know only through your loved one leaving you will you discover the many qualities within you, ones which otherwise  would never have been revealed.

Remember all that was good, the impact you made on each others lives at that moment in your lives.  The support & friendship, the love & growth you both shared.  Always it remains true. Let go of all expectations, let go of all the promises made & dreams shared. That was then .. in a small & restricted world. Now the world is opening, travel, journeys, new experiences all need you whole attention & being. Many new opportunities are reaching  you both.  We naturally evolve, instinctively we change & our appetite to discover all we are bears no reasonable logical format. Instinct & intuition are the forerunners.

Respect the changes, understand such change needed to take place, respect that a void needed to be created in both lives so much greater experiences can fill you both.

Let go of the hurt, forgive & be thankful for all you once shared. Know it would no longer sustain or satisfy either of your needs & lives right now.  Know you have outgrown each other for very good reasons . ..  the reasons being you have great meanings to discover with others in different places.. 

As another chapter commences, tie up all loose ends from the past ones. Move on,  embrace the blank pages, be creative, true & courageous. Discover the meaning of love, of joy, of life & in all opportunities. Write your own story, pen your dreams.

Bless your hearts, bless your Souls. Know life always sustains & supports. Trust life's process. Let go of the old & embrace the new. Life is always as its meant to be. Be the best you can be in the moment.
Be fully present in the now.

Know you heart isn't broken only the rules carved in stone of the limited mind.
Free your soul, get out of your mind & embrace the mysteries.

With unconditional love, love & allow others to fully live their purpose & life as you wish to live yours. 
After the longest, coldest &  darkest night always is the promise of dawn!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Its been an absolute honour to observe our beautiful, precious, cherished, consummate Monarch our Queen Elizabeth II celebrating her 60 years of reign. All outpouring of joyous love, gratitude & happiness greeted her every minute of the festivities. Many jamborees, shindigs, teas, parties & gatherings. Strangers, families, neighbours & friends filled the streets of London, the embankment, the parks & bridges to unite their appreciation & celebrations in thrilling harmony. To sense the collective sense of awe, the escalating wonderment, the warm & overwhelming gratitude & the love permeating - surrounding & enveloping each & every visitor was almost tangible. Such an awesome heart warming & inspirational occasion.
The sense of belonging, the sense of community, the feeling of pride, the bright cheery & colourful spectacle  all eased away the financial, turbulent challenging trials & tribulations so many people are enduring.
A wonderful reminder how love, kindness, togetherness & a sense of pride can ease isolating anxiety, a bringer of hope & an inadvertent prompting to remember together - as one supporting caring compassionate community -  we can overcome almost anything. So many old fashioned values, morals & community unity would be a most welcomed dawning & legacy for our younger generations. Embodies so many qualities within her Majesty so many of us could all  learn from ..  noble, honourable, gracious, elegant, truthful, hard working, discerning, loyal & giving.
I'm only small, too many of my photographs are amusingly of the hoards & crowds immediately in front of me :).  The following photos are from the local newspapers here in London.
CONGRATULATIONS to Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Family & all who enjoyed the wonderful festivities. Congratulations to all who made her Jubilee weekend a wondrous occasion for us all . Congratulations on an event which was a fantastic magnificent spectacle, a huge success & the occasion which will live in our hearts forever more. Unity with will hopefully bring hope, comfort & inspire our communities always.
Giving thanks & prayers for us all to become again  one wholesome, friendly, caring & compassionate community.
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