Saturday, 3 December 2011

Something Peaceful

Saying something peaceful, the sky I mean. Sky gazing is an absolute necessity, an integral part of my day, my night my life where ever I am. To draw a gentle breath, fill myself up with love & peace from the Universe surrounding & sustaining me is something which always promotes balance, harmony, equilibrium :) All things as one. Whether the sky is dark, light, colourful or grey always to watch its forever changing canvas is mesmerising.
Beneath a starry sky, beneath the glistening light of the moon, beneath the dappled light & warmth of the sun .. evocative thoughts aways stir a sense of romance. I suppose it is a kind of love affair but thankfully not as stormy. There isn't a day goes by when I haven't embraced the grace, love & light from the heavens above. It is hard to believe the same beautiful canopy casts itself over such troublesome places in the world too. The very same sky which evokes feeling of peace & contentment may be residing over lands christened with murder, rape, beatings, regimes & restrictions. We have such great freedom here in our country, free to choose, free to live those choices, free to improve any predicament we may find ourselves pickled within. December can often be a month full of paradoxes .. some children so excited at the thoughts of Christmas time, Nativity, Santa Claus are so very near. Some children can think only about their presents, their letters to Santa Claus , some excited about holidays & time together - equally some dread the family holidays being together, dread the alcohol consumption by their parents, some fear for their safety . . beneath the same sky we all live our lives to the best of our ability. At Christmas time people notice so much more .. Christmas seems to trigger greater feelings of loneliness. Christmas adverts always project images all of the time of happy families together, all happily eating, drinking & being merry. Adverts trying to ell more toys, more clothes, more food & more drink. Gifts to satisfy ! All makes me wonder what the value truly is of such commercial Christmases. What the cost is to our human nature, to our community, to the feelings of those who have & those who have not. Whether it is understood the gesture behind the bearing of gifts from the 3 wise men .. or other symbolic meanings to be found in any religious connotation to any religious celebration.
The gifts of giving . . the gift of receiving . . I wonder how appreciative each recipient feels when they re given something they don't like or want. I wonder how appreciative people feel when they're sharing their days with loved ones, sharing their home with friends & family or how appreciative one can feel if dining alone. Happiness, the state of bliss which permeates deeply within, pervading throughout every cell . Resonating with a sense of belonging, purpose & clarity. The simplicity of the greatest gifts life can give us . .. health & happiness .. if not always healthy at least be happy. Happiness seems to be very overlooked these days. Much pleasure seems to be found in retail therapy, in what we own, what we have, what we do as opposed to who we are. Christmas for me this year is all about discovering the best you can create within the life you are living, in the place your are residing at with the people or lack of people who grace your days. Having moved away from my 'home' many years ago. I have spend many Christmases wishing I was somewhere else, Christmases feeling very alone & missing my family very much. It takes a lot of years & maturity to let go of all which is no longer present, all which no longer serves us well in this very given moment. Years to realise celebrations commence within, gratitude for life, for love & all we have commences & ignites with every breath we take. So where ever you are in the world, who ever you share or do not share your December with. Draw a deep breath. . . feel the life & love of all within. Look up to the sky .. del all gaze at similar stars, we all walk upon this earth for a very brief moment in time - a blink of an eye - so there is no time to waste over what if's . Living this moment here in the now, knowing we have all we need within & choosing to bring light, love & all we can to any situation is grasping the moment & making it purposeful. Its about the detail, the small changes, the smiles, the generosity, the forgiveness, the kindness .. its about all we can give. . all we can bring . . Christmas time is about giving but not just presents . . give someone your love .. without ribbons & bows .. simply love them for all they are & who they are. Be kind, be loving, be generous with your warmth & caring.
May the gifts you bestow upon your loved ones truly be long lasting & far reaching - etched in their memories forever .. and creating a legacy to share in traditions with those yet to be born who in turn will also be touched by your loving kindness.

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