Saturday, 12 February 2011

Is it really February

Firstly, its 2011 right?.  Okay this really does need just a quick mention then dismissed to the bowels of the ludicrous.  The nifty note is not because the item is worthy of considering but the values of why its been created & why it would be purchased are most worthy of contemplation . Love itself doesn't seem to swathe any of the retailers or purchasers values or needs!! Uuurgh , without further ado.. without any taste or dignity whats so ever sensed even when reading the article !!! (read in a daily newspaper . . news .. NEWS .. oh dear!!!)  They present the latest trend/offerings for couples,  . . forget honest communication, forget basic encouragement of honour, respect or trust . . for sale . . today in 2011. . (sadly it isn't April 1st)  . . a Chastity Garter ..  (ASBO tags & Chastity tags  :D )   For Sale, at a hefty price to mankind :)  for those with a suspicious mind ..  (oooh the romance of it all!!)  Two designs Chastity Lace & Chastity Silk.  Complete with a hidden microchip, automatic text messages sent to alert the husband or boyfriend, detection of temperature rise .. . .  I won't go on!!
Here am I, thinking yet still there's so much room for further growth in the understanding of 'Unconditional Love'  between couples,  thinking just how liberating responsibility & ownership of ones own feelings really is, to love another so much you want them to soar high & far within the many multiple dimensions & realms of their own dreams even if they differ from ones own. How  wonderful for all to know how to love so nourishingly, with such deep respect & regard for each other's own uniqueness & purpose without ever feeling insecure or that the relationship could be threatened by such individuality.  Then, I read an article like this,  my thoughts & hopes for the evolving, entwining power of unconditional Love, to be an awakening essence within this generation of lovers crumbles into delusional nothingness . . not even an ounce of the vaguest comprehension of such unconditional love between the givers & receivers of such 'luxury' There's even a website, even a detailed description of how & why the belts were made in the first place. Really too much tasteless details.  Yet, you too can  . . blah. Ooh dear this really is unlike me but really . . Chastity Belts.  The underlying emotions seem far from loving, seeming to be much more about control, fear, unsavoury demands & absolutely no trust whatsoever in their partner, in Life, its process & of Love in all its many splendours.

A modern luxurious Valentines Gift, product of the wild & free loving 2011 . . for those who love nothing but control  . .  contemporary gift influenced by the middle ages!!! Its April 1st right?? April Fools day??

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Its February!!

It really is almost Spring, I know technically Spring Equinox isn't until March 20th, but it sure feels on its way . . and with its light & warmer presence ooh it does feel soooo good.  The daffodils are rising fearlessly from the depths of the earth, without it seems any consideration for the frosts & snow which yet could yet still grace our lawns. The past few mornings I've awoken to the sound of morning. The birds are now singing gaily with every sun rise. The dawn chorus - what a joy after such a long silent slumbers of Winter .
Often life itself reflects the phenomena of nature, the long quiet darkness & cold Winter, the hibernation & stillness. Then Spring bursts into renewal, regrowth & rebirth. Simultaneously it can ignite within us some lazy optimism, sluggish enthusiasm & we slowly awaken with the cyclic,  spurt of life merging, blossoming & entwining with feelings of rousing vibrancy. For some Spring can be a time of great loss, sorrow & unrest. Perhaps its a comparative feeling, as life all around seems to blossoming & rejuvenated in comparison to the depths of darkness & isolation that can be sensed during the Winter. Yet, to be wholly conscious in the moment, to feel, in essence,  the life force energy of the buds opening their petals reaching skywards, to feel  part of the rebirth, the newness & inspiring courage of the inevitable dawning of Summer during the transition of Spring is to belong to the very pulse of life. To be an integral part of the whole . . Spring should be celebrated .. its essence recognised & its influence appreciated. Spring, & all its essential qualities belong  during such transitional times in the World, when there is so such uncertainly & unrest. The endless qualities  of Spring are a perfect example of hope, faith, trust & courage. The very qualities which within us all would see us through every Winter of hardship & isolation. Qualities that will  accompany us as steadfast companions as we journey through the trials & tribulations of such changing & challenging times.   We seem to be drifting further & further away from Nature, yet it is Nature itself which hold many many solutions to so many queries, problems & quandary.
How wonderful if alongside Maths & English, we taught our children to respect the awesome powers & phenomena of Nature. Reverence to the cyclic rhythms of life itself, the power of the moon, the energy of dawn, noon & day,  the calm peace rejuvenation of night, the natural phenomena of photosynthesis, the healing properties of trees, plants, herbs & flowers . . of the natural food from our oceans, land & heavens that all, if we only knew how, act like prescriptive medicines.  Maybe, in time when the plasticity of processed, prescriptive, siliconed no longer appeal, maybe the next generation will go back to the natural, simple laws of the land . . Nature's land.  Here's to the genesis of Spring & all it brings.

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