Monday, 27 September 2010

Linear expansion

L O V I N G  L O V E   
Just what happened to September?,  just where did it disappear sooo quickly too & how - how come I seem to have missed the whole of the Summer too!! Which brings to my considerations - a lifetime truly is like the blink of an eye.  In the billions of years evolving - our life - a few decades - in comparison is absolutely zilch.
I guess when I first thought about a lifetime of loving, deciding actually a lifetime would never be quite long enough - its absolutely true!! How quickly a lifetime ceases to be. . .  as the decades fly on by - how infinitely captivating is love yet its impossible to capture time.
Talking of love . . L O V E . . its our 20th Wedding Anniversary on the 29th - wow - 20 years of marriage. All I really should say is "Cheers & here's to another 20!! " But I will just add - how exciting & satisfyingly wonderful.  How amazing how love expands, captivates & commands - how love's transformation is far greater than linear time could ever expand into multiple dimensions . . yet thats exactly where Love takes us, through many wondrous journeys of multiple realms & dimensions.  Tidal ebb & flows of emotions, roller coaster rides of consciousness during fascinating phases & chapters. How the splendour marvels, how the thrill - still thrills. Gratitude overwhelms, as endlessly maturing love transcends all the expectations of the love struck teenager who fell in love at the very first sight. Instincts are a wonderful guide, no matter what others say, intuitive instinctive guide, in the matters of the heart, are soooo wholly authentic & thank goodness for divine inspired instinct & authenticity... & here's to a much sunnier Autumnal October :)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Obsequious Obedience!

Enthusiastic spontaneity assisted our decision to attend 'Puppy Training Classes' today... or in other words owner obedience lessons. If we adhere to the Alpha male taking the session, our pups will respond well to us being theirs!
After a few wrong ways & turnings we eventually found the location, a big barn in a lovely few acres of farm land. The field set up today specifically for the dog training, lots of little jumps & a couple of tunnels. The field looked full of dogs & owners, the adult dog class just finishing as the young pups class was due to commence. Our pups were most enthusiastic to trot along happily on the field. then as the bigger dogs came closer & closer they weren't too sure! Distracted & far more tricky to handle in comparison to their amazing one to one sooo obedient listening & compliant ways at home. Yikes, somehow I think all words of praise received with subsequent emerging inner confidence were most premature & dissolving fast. So many puppies, so many voices, so many new smells and many things to see all conspiring together to hinder my pups attention into absolute chaos & distraction. My voice which is familiar seemed to fade into a non existence state of insignificant sound. Entering the barn wasn't just overwhelming for the pups, we both stood, looked at the 20 or so other pups & could so easily leave the place there & then without even participating. Deep breath & gung ho . . 
The next hour passed quickly, moments full of many feelings ranging between depths of despair, ascending towards fun, back to total incompetence & torturous failings. My philosophy of having no expectations, just doing the best we can in every given moment down on its knees gasping for faith!!
Training - what training
we don't need anything - we think we're fine!!
Bless, I'm not sure if it was because I couldnt hear the trainer, or because he had much nicer treats than mine but my little obedient pup soon became rather tricky to handle. The simplest things seemed to confuse us both! Looking over the other side of the Barn I noticed Hubs with a very similar expression on his face, reflecting how I was feeling completely. I must say I did smile a little laced with a great sense of relief. Although I must say little Twizel is by far the more obedient pooch. Except of course when the trainer strides over, noticing that I was struggling, shoves sausage in infront of Kyloe's nose & she responds fully!!! Hmm sausage!!!! No wonder, I mean she's hardly going to jump thru hoops for some dehydrated vile biscuit that she's not too keen on. Okay, if this is just about bribery - next week - in class - in treat bag - roast chicken!!! 
I won't be defeated, although Hubs say's he isnt going again & 'what a bleedin waste of money that was!!!' Bah hum bug ... he he ..  I'll still attend as my little pup needs me to be Alpha dog as she could so easily take the reins if we allowed her to do so. 

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Blessed is the Blackberry!

This morning, as I walked outside towards the Beech hedge, I sensed a warm thrill of anticipation, our two little pooches  were chasing the fallen Autumnal leaves - & each other - on route towards their destination for their defecations.  .. talking of which I am still constantly retching with every poop I have to scoop!!
Autumn already feels inspiring, the present preparing for the newness of all yet to come. The leaves of many glorious colours to fall in spectacular decay, the silhouettes of the trees  due patiently to soon stand bare against the horizon, braving all elements until their new lush green coats burst into life in the Spring. How exciting, the phases & cycles of all nature - its seasons are simply magical. 
Wild blackberries :) 
Today, we walked the pups again on their little walking leads. Twizel is the most responsive, walking so very well next to our legs. Kyloe is naturally fast, no matter how fast I walk or run, she wants to go faster.  Often we all end up in many twister style tangles. It certainly takes us a lot longer to walk to the meadow, so many delights & distractions on route. So many friendly people wanting to meet the pups. The wee girls respond in great enthusiasm, lots of tummy tickles accompanied by plenty of praise. Eventually, when we reached the meadow we decided to immediately release them from their walking leads to encourage them to walk with us. This they do, amazingly - luckily - so well, if we turn to walk the opposite way they turn & follow, most reassuringly they follow our every move. After a little while we spotted a large leggy Collie, beautiful looking dog but must've appeared to the pups rather like a giant dinosaur as to us he looked ginormous, more so in comparison to our little ones. We were introduced to Mr Pippin, his long copper brown, black & white fur immaculately curled & draped so beautifully. What a handsome boy! He liked the pups and after a few minutes wanted to play with them. He pounced in a playful manner, which unfortunately scared little Kyloe so much, she yelped & tore off in the opposite direction, anywhere other than where Mr Pippin stood, his seemingly extra long hind legs straight with his front paws bent down to the ground his tyrannosaurus like jaw opening, bottoms up style, all in such graceful play mode. Twizel, hearing her little sister yelp so fearfully & loudly,  yelped fearfully too & tore as fast as she could towards me, scrambling up my legs as if yapping "pick me up pick me up!!"  Hubs caught up with Kyloe, calming her down & picking her up - Twizel who was already in my arms was calming down. Poor Mr Pippin will have to wait to play, perhaps another day, hopefully soon as the pups become more confident. As Mr Pippin & his owner glided off into the sunset we walked around the perimeter of the meadow, even the thorns & harvest chiggers didnt put us off collecting the most beautiful plump juicy blackberries. wow, what an abundance. Arriving home with our large colander absolutely full to the brim. Mmmmmmm lots of apple will accompany the blackberries to create the most tasty crumbles. Yaaaaaay for Seasons, yaaaaay for blackberries. Delicious!!! After a lovely roast pork dinner we enjoyed the most freshly made, deliciously juicy & tasty hot apple & blackberry crumble served with chilled thick double cream .. . oooh my,  good job seasons are temporary! May even try to like sloe gin, noticing the amount of sloe berries are equally as prolific. Think we'll be walking the pups around the meadow daily not just for the fun - natures supermarket!! :)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Current curt considerations

After a delicious play in the garden & a healthy breakfast, checking mail before work I am listening to the news on our usual Radio station. For the first time ever I found myself talking to the Radio!! For goodness sake, its either my age or my .. age!! They're, who ever they are, thinking of solving a problem with the same ludicrous attitude which caused the problem in the first place!!! God help this generation!!
Call me whatever labels you like but surely for any sensible person - the answer to teenage pregnancy & the pregnant having to miss time away from school to see Midwives  - surely surely in any sensible society - the answer isnt bringing the Midwives into the school - where's the sense in that!!!! Whats the matter with
"Well, guess what lightening, if you weren't pregnant you would be at school!!!!!"

Please NO . .  N  O .. absolutely no midwives in schools. They did ask a very nice girl what she thought of this idea, Oooh yes she thought it would be really helpful as she missed loads of class when she was pregnant when she had to see the Midwife!!!  Okay maybe English, Maths, Biology  etc all seem like foreign languages to these kids - how about teaching RESPONSIBILITY - CONSCIENCE - R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y - really it doesn't take that much common sense to understand if a problem is created - then best learn the consequences - then the same mistakes hopefully wont be made again - if you don't like the thought of the consequences then maybe its encouraging people to take the action to prevent the consequences caused by the problem in the first place. I'm not against unplanned pregnancy, accidents do happen  but I am sooo soooo against the insane mentality of the people who think its 'helpful' to the kids to have midwives in school!!!

Its not okay - its not the norm - nothing like trying to make it so!!!

Oh & while I'm on about 'it' - if you cant afford to house 10 kids then don't bleedin have 10 kids.
Perhaps try going back to the olden days mentality, sharing a room! Sleeping head to toe didn't harm anyone. Its all that was available. Yet, surprisingly the luxury of managing, caring, sharing & making do can be found in the many facets of LOVE, KINDNESS, WILLINGNESS & DEDICATION. Home is created with love - not purchased nor by state provided  things of convenience or amusement or support systems via the Government. Why is 'ease of convenience & comfort' so up in the list of necessities for raising a family.

We have vows of marriage - what about vows of responsibility & sensibility towards our community, our children, their understandings of hard work & rewards whilst seeing what we realistically can provide of such great wealth ... love, discipline, manners, love, safety, education, love, kindness, compassion &  encouragement!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr contemplative curt considerations - rants & moan over... currently! :)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Realm of applied walking!

One would think, never having had a dog before, that dog - walks - lead - walks - dog all quite naturally occur, all compliment & bond together nicely - all thrive as easily as er riding a bike or yes of course: walking a dog!!  Dogs LOVE to go walkies!!  Hmmmm - not so, not our two little pups who braved the big wide new world upon our hill today. The ancient well trodden paths, which take only a few moments to tread, took around an hour.  Bursts of spontaneous trots with gentle praise just were never  enough to maintain continuity, as long bouts of non participation followed the brevity of walking. The sit downs, the lie downs, the sniffing & chewing seemed much nicer distractions than walking. Bless. We decided one pup each would be sensible - if you can rate doing the wackiest version of the Highland fling, all the twirling, ducking in & weaving out of each other's lead as sensible!!
Yaaay freeedom!!

I'm sure there was a conspiracy between pups to see who could make their owner fall first. Soon they will also realise they just can't run on this lead!! Thankfully, after much patience, encouragement & pleads we eventually managed to walk along the lane & back. On route meeting plenty other canines, all who were very sociable. Darling little Kyloe is quite unexpectedly funny, with every new dog she meets, as she is the runt of the litter, she knows her place & doesn't want any rough business so she immediately rolls over onto her back into submission, wagging her tail in anticipation of a little stroke & a friendly dog showing no further interest in her. Kyloe appears to suss out the world around her very quickly & simply adapts.  Twizel, on the other hand, sits & watches with great stillness & total silence, waiting to see what the big dogs are going to do. We noticed Twizel was the bravest in the vets, poor little Kyloe yelped - shrieked - twice when she had her booster injection - once with the needle & once as the medication  surged into her. Twizel, just took it all in her stride & didn't flinch one bit. Its quite amusing, we have lived here upon the hill for 20 years, today we spoke to more people in an hour because of the pups, than we have in all of the years we've lived here!! When we go for a walk, its almost like being invisible. Although some do say hello, probably in response to my ridiculously nutty constant smiley Northern attitude & Hubby's friendly demeanor, some don't see us in their vision, some are familiar - they'll stop to talk but mostly though we never see or speak to a Soul. Its unreal how many peeps adore puppies & just stop & talk. Think more people seem much more interested in the pups than they did when I used to walk our baby many many moons ago.
Perhaps I am to soon learn why - maybe it all the unconditional love, the endless loyalty & affection they share indiscriminately.
Eventually after an incredibly long time, with hardly any ground covered, we returned home. The pups didnt seem too fussed, although Twizel did make a run for it! I thought they'd be so excited to see their familiar haven in comparison to the huge unknown world they'd just experienced.  Maybe next time. Meanwhile - hit the Zzzzzz' time, as hubby & pups are fast asleep in the respective sacks. (both hounds probably dreaming theyre still running through the sun lit tree lined path)

Kyloe sitting pretty!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Perquisite prerequisite :)

"Full marks" Unbelievably the very nice veterinary nurse praised our instinctive training regimes, which must mean there's method in our madness after all as I've felt totally 'barking' most of the week.  One regime being, the crack of dawn class, I attempt to teach the pups our recall & walking feats. Lessons commencing & finishing with copious amounts of tiny treats & abundant enthusiastic praise. The tasty pleasures held firmly in my cold fingers - just enough treat free for pups to have a fleeting taste -  the flavour persuading my little pups they need to follow me - follow unwaveringly, the scent of this dried tasty deliciousness which is yet to be devoured.  The promise of such fulfilment leads to such obedience (maybe there's something further to learn here Ladies' to apply in life :) Oh & as I'm ludicrously trying to walk doubled over,  may I also mention, during this session, should any of my neighbours be 'observing' this most ungainly pantomime "Yes I am the rear member of the horse! Yes I do apologise"  it is rather early in the day for such unsightliness  but needs must & our pups must be trained to walk by our side. Up til now they've had, they think they have, free range of the garden, lane & neighbours gardens.  The latter of their choices is obviously not, under any circumstance, a viable option. Respecting our neighbours friendship, I think the pups are just a little too much for anyone to tolerate digging up their beautiful blooms & promptly dumping in them too just as an added perk. So they need to know their boundaries, the pups not the neighbours, hence the walking with me & coming back to me when I call their names. Sounds easy doesn't it.  Well it isn't, let me just confirm double is trouble!!  But, optimistically, contemplating with pleasant anticipation I pray for twice the pleasure.  Thankfully, great stamina & endurance have always been very present & steadfast companions within all of us.  We're very lucky too, the pups respond so well to any form of training - ahem - especially with the endless treats method, only problem is I seem to be filling their little tummies with tiny little treats which prove just enough to put them off their dinners.  Somehow the shift in control seems to be hanging in some precarious balance, as I cling onto my encouraging tasty nibbles from two little black mouths with razor sharp little teeth I realise this is a challenge we have to surpass & host supremacy. Start as we mean to go on, funnily enough, as I said to the veterinary nurse, "I treat & look after the pups, in many ways, the same way I looked after our baby!!" (except the food treats training & walking on a lead!!)  Someone once said "you have to think like a dog" Hmmm, I think I need to think for the dog before it thinks for itself :) Conditioning!! Bless, they will do anything for a treat. It's great fun, as I run around the garden, the pups as if on some fabulous agility course move fast & gracefully, in step with my unfit clumsy strides, without losing any pace regardless of what direction I hurtle towards. I laugh as my mind wanders to the male species, er men, wondering comparatively if we ladies had such similar treats as rewards how simple life could be. We all like rewards for our hard work, we all enjoy treats & bonuses - enthusiastic praise - how simple the trade off to fill their bellies with dried packet food for those ooh so many chores needing to be done etc.  Anyway - amazingly - we're, it seems, doing all attempts at training very well & pups are learning fast. The puppy trainer was delighted with all we've done & achieved, delighted  with the pups progress & responses. How brilliant is that! They have such very different characters, already the difference between the pups is adorably noticeable.  The nurse thinks we're very observant & amazed at how much we've achieved in such a short amount of time. "You should write a book" she says, "Its so good you're so instinctive with them" she says "it would take me 7 weeks to teach my class all you've achieved in 2 weeks"  

I wonder if she realises the phenomenal power of love, its healing & persuasion.  As its not just the commands & praise, treats & walkies but the Unconditional Love, patience & kindness  - which resonate within any recipients Soul - always seem a great mix - all serve well.  Desired consequences - captive responsive audience - permanent prerequisite perquisite !!! :)

Okay, I know your gums are sore
 but just play for a while then she'll give us soo much food!

" look, if I just pop over the fence, 
she'll give us even more tasty bits 
 You run one way & yelp & I'll leap the boundary fence. 
See you back here in a few mins
 - you'll see - loadsa treats for us - 
maybe she'll get us some sausage too
 like the stuff that nice lady at the vets gave us !!"

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Obedience, objectives & observations

Semester commences: Its first day at class, we're going to learn about 'obedience'. Our pups are fine, they're having a ball. We need to learn how to have a ball with them & make sure they return upon our command. Which up until yesterday was sheer luck, now its absolute bribery. 
Many Many years ago, I seem to recall the persuasive treat was infact a stick. No extendable leads, click-click things or packet treats   ... talking of packets & no such thing as canned or packet dog food, highly processed, dehydrated cardboard style scientific dog food! Dogs ate the remaining scraps of human food. Oh how things have changed. I mean just what happened to giving the dog a bone? Probably 'Health & Safety' :) What happened to a 'Dog's Life', well it upgraded - descended from the beastly poverty sad sorry stricken pits of hell to the luxurious deity heights of stature, opulence, indulgence & er if we're to believe what we read in the papers: make overs! Hmmm oooh please!! Nope not my wee Border Terriers, no fluff & sparkle, no stylish grooming or painted paws clawing their way onto the pretty pooch pageants. Nope just sit, come, stay, wait & lots of goooood girlies in alternating excited tones & unenthusiastic drones. Hopefully the class training will make me feel more competent as opposed to just privileged to own these gorgeous little pups. They're so intelligently astute, we already know we mustnt appear to be the underdogs or they'll govern fully with great ease & natural flair! So, this afternoon we're all off to obedience classes, me & Hubs especially - I'm sure we'll adhere and respond well to our training!

Meanwhile .. 
You mean "Come here .. when?"

Monday, 13 September 2010

Syndrome, symptom or solution!

We're sooo lucky here upon the hill, we're surrounded by such special people -  we really have the most lovely neighbours.  Although, I'm unsure they will feel the same - if it isn't our cats eating their cats food its our chickens eating their beautifully manicured blooming borders! Oops I digress already  - as I started to say - today we had a lovely spontaneous visit from one of our neighbours  - popped in to play & see the pups with her daughter who hadn't seen them, lots of excitement & tickles & time spent playing with the pups - which was greatly appreciated by me too as it meant I could wash the utility room floor AGAIN!! Hmm I've discovered my once lovely clean utility room floor with pups - mud - rain - yikes - never seems to be clean nowadays!During this fun spontaneous visit, it was commented by my neighbour about the 'empty nest syndrome' Implying that the pups were to replace our, maybe, University bound child.

Now, just to bring my woeful thoughts - ones to shatter all illusions they may have of any maternal supremacy I hold or all other considerations they have of  my potential 'nest - filling - empty'  How very odd, to live next door for 20 years & never really know a person. I'm delighted to say they must think so much more of me than deserved. I mean, truly I must be the worst Mum in the world!! How come I can never think like that! An empty space doesnt need filling it needs exploring & discovering all the wondrous things a space contains - choices !! :)
2 pups - for an empty nest - you've gotta be kidding - our 17 year old daughter is at the most perfect age to house sit, pup sit. I've waited 17 years to travel with hubbs ..  17 long holiday empty years -  now the child is almost a fully fledged adult, in training, we at long last can sail the seas, fly across continents for pleasure & leisure. Hire a Winnebago & tour the States. Take a month long pleasure peek at Asia etc etc. Gone are the days of  100% nurturing, babysitters, routines & responsibility. But, being a good Mum ;) I do feel for her being left 'home alone' (well with friends or/and family) & as she's always wanted a dog too - well what could I do but agree - it seemed such a great idea to now have them. After all they'll be a great asset, good fun & good companions to keep her company & perhaps, added bonus, good little guard dogs too. Of course its probably to my best interest to keep this information quiet. Keep the illusions alive. Life is, as they say, is made up of many moments & illusions :) Life, work, family - my philosophy is very similar regardless of which realm or dimension I temporarily reside. As an Holistic Health Care Practitioner, always I would treat the root cause - never the syndrome or symptoms. Always maximising the potential outcome of any situation. Same with parenting - being a Mum, doing all I can to help my child mature & grow - sooo what's the best way for any teenagers to learn responsibility, learn to cook & fend for themselves then to be left alone to experience those exact principles & challenges. Can't beat experience.
"By three methods we may learn wisdom:
First, by reflection, which is the noblest;
Second, by imitation, which is easiest; 
and third, by experience, which is the bitterest"


Passports pleease - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! xXx ;)
We can all only do our very best for our kids!!!!!! :D The syndrome is parenting, the symptom is responsibility & the solution is the relief of any guilt whatsoever in whatever way best one can when leaving the nest in the capable hands of the fledgling.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sensational September

The dawn chorus stirred me from my deep dreamy slumbers. Ugh, it really couldnt be time to get up already!  Too tired I thought I'd just turn over to snooze dreamily back to sleep,  I then sat bolt upright looked at the colour of the sky it was already light. Remembering the pups, a wave of fear & dread, laced with joyous excitement, filled me.  Leaping out of bed, descending as quickly as possible downstairs into the utility room to allow the little pups out into the garden. Dreary or is it weary are the words that would best suit my demeanour most.
How two little pups can get soooooo excited! Trying to persuade them outside is by far the best place to have our morning cuddles, especially as the little one widdles with excitement. Ooh the joys!!
Hmmm, so I trundled my way across the lawn down towards the trees & the huge beech hedge. Standing near to their 'Weee Weeeee's' area, trying my best to say wee without it sounding the least bit exciting or encouraging! If you have a pup, you'll know why!!!! After their done businesses. Playtime!!
They darted in & out of the beech hedge, little black noses & wagging tails. I'm not sure at what point I became September but it wasn't long until I was smiling at the gorgeous blue sky, the wonderful feel of the heavy morning dew beneath my feet. The lush green of the trees - the colours - the low morning sunlight, glorious rays breaking through the trees.  Think this passage by Michael Bywater sums up my gratitude perfectly.

September Song. 
"If there was ever a month you could fall in love with, it's September. And like real beauty, September wears her glories subtly. To appreciate her (and if ever there were a female month, it's September) it's necessary to gaze directly, with a new eye. Look out of the window. Look at the light: the sun low enough to cast shadows, like side-lit danseuses, but not yet veiled and peremptory. Smell the air: dust and the first trace of wood smoke, the silver ghost of a dormant frost moon. The scent of September is the scent of creosote, privet, warm stone and the strange, cleaned smell of traffic on the evening streets. September mornings are alive with promise. The air lies slantwise, a slight pinch of chill with the windows open in the evening and the murmur and laughter in the streets below. Other months we hope our way through like gruff men with sticks and a purpose, or loll, stiff and unaccustomed, like chrysalids. Only September is now. For once in the year, we're here and we're happy.”

May your September Sunday be a peaceful celebration.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Meet Kyloe Rose & Twizell Bella

After a long - very long drive, at times most daunting journey when questions teasingly haunting my sanity accompanied each & every mile.
The stamina & endurance shown by all three of us was astounding, especially considering the M11 motorway North was closed, not just a junction - a wee diversion but CLOSED - NO ACCESS AT ALL. Was this an omen to be greeted or feared. After a frantic discussion whilst driving along the A10, it was decided we would continue our journey.
F I V E very long hours later we arrived uptd North, in the lovely County of Yorkshire. Thankfully South Yorkshire. Shockingly, when it dawned on me I was only an hour & a half drive away from my family, just outside Newcastle, I must admit to feeling quite tearful & deeply concerned as to my now fragile sanity & stability of internal harmony.
Our daughter is a little trooper, she was most encouraging, placating my undulating concerns .. "but if we'd only driven a mile or so to pick them up you'd be fine. Its just the distance Mam, we'll be fine - you'll see". How things change I thought - life's process nowadays I want to nurture & care for my parents as if theyre toddlers, keeping them safe & well looked after. Hmm, here I am being cared for by my daughter - surprisingly it doesnt seem two moments ago since I would reassure Cescs, always encouraging her to consider everything will be fine, just wait at see - trust life's process - it has a funny way of sorting things out, often even better than you could ever dream"
Yet here, in the middle of unknown area of Yorkshire, long winding country lanes - my optimism challenged to the core - a countryside full of most potently fragrant aromas which only served to remind me that 'oh my goodness, we've got 5 hours journey back in the car with 2 pups!' Thankfully my darling daughter, being very grown up, most calm & admirably positive helped me thru the veiled moments of confusion & doubts.
We arrive at the home of the breeder 3 hours later than anticipated!
A warm friendly lady, with the lovely Northern way of welcoming "Aw c'mon in, we'll put the kettle on, you must be exhausted - have a nice cuppa tea" The recognised warmth made me smile, but necessities overwhelmed - bathroom for all of us then straight down to business - time wasn't on our side, time was not as friendly to us & as I was responsible for 2 sixth formers getting to school on time the following morning - water was the most appreciated refreshment& a speedy but polite exit a necessity.

We walked into a conservatory greeted by happy wagging tails & little dark noses.
A host of pants, squeaks, licks & jumps. OOooh how could I have ever doubted my initial choice. Beautifully, the two pups which were chosen for us, the only ones left, seemed to know we were there for them. They promptly sat on mine & Cescs knees. The other pups & Mum playing happily - exuberantly happily - with her friend Jack. We were all wholly smitten!! It was a resounding Yes, we'd love them!

So, after all information, papers etc exchanged - all five of us are back on the A1M on route South. Brilliant journey home, Burger King stop over with pups asleep in the foot well. Not a peep, piddle or pooh out of them. .. (all of them) I'm thanking my lucky stars that I have the best daughter in the whole world & if Jack was my son, well he'd be the best son in the whole world too. Terrific teenagers!
Eventually .. 11.45pm ish - might've been much much later but we were so excited & tired we didn't really check the time - we made the pups comfortable, said goodnights & crawled to beddybyes.

Perhaps I was the only one who didn't get much sleep, my mind too active wondering how hubby would truly feel about my .. ahem .. ahem .. Birthday Presents!

Here's to a year ahead full of such joyful surprises.