Thursday, 17 April 2014

Has it really been a year ?

So many associations to time,  known as a great healer, considered an elusive character we're always chasing, yet if it's well spent its a worthy achievement, often time flies, it supposedly can change things too - especially if you give things time.   What a wonderful gift time is.  So much we can do with it, so little we can do without it.

A lifetime loving a loved one I've discovered just isn't long enough.

Time, we think we have all the time in the world.  Only when time no longer allows us to luxury of sharing do we relies how little time we truly have.  Yet it doesn't feel like that at times, a moment during hardship can feel like forever.  No mater how we live our lives, time is either a steadfast ally or its hardy worthy opponent.

So much has happened within the time between my musings. Bereavement, birth, birthdays, transformation, healing, beginnings, endings, discoveries, creativity & acceptance. My observations thumped, tickled & touched by all.

Life's journey always challenging us all to maintain that sense of balance, to remain true to those broad, birds eye perspectives sensing always the love, in the moment, no matter what the experience.

Its such a fascinating time, such a curious generation with so much technology. Online virtual lives sharing one gigantic connection. The common ground being primal tribal unity. Likes & dislikes united by taste & tantrums. . it is with a sense of taste I share some musings.

How can time be used to give, to bring, to unearth the depth & purity, the authenticity of responsibility & poet of ones own Soul. How can a generation who are almost encouraged by marketing & media  to blame others for their own misgivings. How can they gently be awakened, to become conscious. What will becoming conscious mean to them? How can they be reminded to consider & be responsible for their own actions & words . To take responsibility for their own feel ins & deal with them accordingly.

To learn what belongs to themselves & what belongs to another.

How to 'trend' the modern day version of the 10 commandments which are so greatly needed within society.  Ooh the joys of living, the awe of loving & the trials & tribulations of emotionally managing both harmoniously & peacefully.

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