Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Always the shout of 'such a bad horrible world', 'what's the world coming to' in reaction to human attacks, tragedies & atrocities. The World, however, is not to blame. Blame is not the solution. A problem served can never be solved with the same mindset which created it. Throughout the World, it is simply the human being who creates offensive hostilities. Many countries & religions at war.The reasons many & varied. 
To change war, to prevent war there is a very simple solution & it can be applied instantly & that simple solution is KINDNESS.If all human life were greatly appreciated & respected. All conscious Souls' aware that life, to be lived, in their life time is simply about what they can give, what they can bring to any situation to create harmony, peace, love & something better than it was before.
If everyone wanted to help, if everyone shared, cared, if everyone took responsibility for their behaviour, their actions & intentions& when necessary altered their course to suit the better greater outcome to serve all rather than self serving. 

Could it really be so simple, can KINDNESS play its part in changing the hurts & bitterness so many people seem to hold within, against themselves & the people they share their world with in the World.

Can we implement the most significant gift we have is choice, can we all collectively use that choice to share, educate & live within respectful boundaries, honour thy neighbour. Care within community starts from the caring environment of the family home.  How can another's life, riddled with abuse &/or violence begin to learn the true meaning of - happiness, appreciation, kindness, respect, giving & receiving - of love. Undiluted, selfless unconditional love in the essence of kindness.

Perspectives, each singular one sees things differently from another. Yet both could share the same view. The vision is more important. To appreciate we are all an integral part of the whole. To somehow unite differences within tolerance & kindness.  To unite trials & tribulations with support & care. 

So many problems, some simple solutions if only the mindset would adapt & be less reasonable & more loving. The intellect isn't always the best route, we have so much technology yet so little Soul.

There needs to be a balance, the perfect balance starts from within.  Kindness, love, respect, honour, caring, sharing, doing inadvertently bringing hope to all who's lives are touched by kindness.

How many lives can you touch by one act of kindness, I can't count how many as the echoes will be endless. From person to person, country to country & generation to generation! YOUR KINDNESS CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE FUTURE OF A CHILD, YET TO BE BORN.

The legacy of kindness can only be beneficial to a beautiful world struggling to support its inhabitants.

Be kind, be the transformation we all need to experience.
Our lessons aren't simply about what we manage to survive, but how we manage to utilise the power of love we host within. How we respond & make sense of any attack, hurt, betrayal, violation is paramount to mankind. Yet such a reaction can never be with the same sense the act of suffering was made.  We need to respond in the realms kindness extends. We need boundaries, havens of tolerance & respect towards each other. To hold life & all experiences in awe. Yet so much is taken for granted. So much is entertainment value whilst some are missing out on the many small miracles occurring.

Holding those who are suffering close in thoughts & prayers. Wishing some small, unexpected act of kindness brings a ray of transformative hope stirring within, to create a vision of inspiration, which will bear the joys & significance to implement the natural inherent instinct to live together & love in harmony.

It's hard to express in words the true meaning of kindness. It is much better sensed & felt. Its echoes really will touch the lives of those yet to be born.

BE KIND, in every action, every thought - every breath you take make kindness to others a priority today.

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